Have you tried something from Bhaati Gate Restaurant Centaurus Menu? If not then next time when you will visit this place must visit this place for desi food. This Thematic place is providing a perfect traditional and cultural experience to foodies. Bhaati gate is basically one of the 13 gates of Lahore which is known as Chelsea of Lahore. Now you can experience the cultural food of Bhaati gate in the heart of the capital city of Islamabad. Talking about their food, they are promoting organic and healthy food to its customers who love to eat organic food. So, check the complete details of its menu prices from this website and check their latest deals. Also, you can get directions from the below-given google maps of this place.

Bhaati Gate Restaurant Centaurus Menu

Bhaati Gate Restaurant Centaurus is offering desi food to food lovers. You can get the real taste of authentic Lahori food from this place. We have shared the complete details of this restaurant including its menu with prices. So, simply scroll down and check its details.

Bhaati Gate Centaurus Menu:

This place is offering desi food including Karahi, Biryani, Lahori Nashta and much more. You can check complete Bhaati gate Centaurus menu from here and can decide to visit this or just to order food online. They also have home delivery option in some areas.

Bhaati Gate Restaurant Centaurus Menu Bhaati Gate Restaurant Centaurus Menu 1 Bhaati Gate Restaurant Centaurus Menu 2 Bhaati Gate Restaurant Centaurus Menu 3 Bhaati Gate Restaurant Centaurus Menu 4 Bhaati Gate Restaurant Centaurus Menu 5 Bhaati Gate Restaurant Centaurus Menu 6

Bhaati Gate Restaurant Specialty:

If you want to try Bhaati Gate Restaurant Specialty then you can order their special thali which includes all their special dishes. They have a variety of Thaali including breakfast thaali, desi thaali, and BBQ thaali, and much more.

Deals and discounts:

Bhaati Gate Restaurant is offering various deals to its customers. You can get a special discount by ordering Bhaati Gate Restaurant Centaurus deals. So, check their special deals from the below images.

Bhaati Gate Restaurant Centaurus

Birthday Celebration:

This is possible to celebrate your birthday at such a beautiful thematic restaurant. You can celebrate your birthdays, corporate events and much more at this place.

Contact Number:

Bhaati Gate Restaurant Centaurus Contact number for pre-reservation or booking is as follows.



This place is located in Centaurus mall Islamabad. You can check the complete address from here.

3rd floor, centauras mall, Jinnah Avenue, F 8/4 F-8, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory


Google maps locations for exact directions are as follows.

Wild Wings Centaurus Menu

If you want to get more information about Bhaati Gate Restaurant Centaurus Menu Prices then simply call on the contact number or just do a comment. Check other restaurants by scrolling down.

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