The best biryani can be found from Biryani Express Johar Town Lahore. There is no need to try different biryani in search of the best biryani as Biryani express is providing the best biryani. This is not like other places that are selling pulao or chicken rice in the name of biryani. Every chicken rice is not biryani and only the true biryani lovers can tell how bad it feels when they get pulao in the name of biryani. So, if you want to eat authentic biryani in Johar town then you can visit this place. The complete details of this biryani seller along with its menu can be found from the below side.

Biryani Express Johar Town

Every person has different taste buds as sometimes you like something but others don’t. Without trying Biryani Express you cannot judge this place and that is the reason we are encouraging you to try this place. If we talk about the price then, you can check the menu card of this place from the below side.

Biryani Express Allah Hoo Gol Chakar Menu:

This place is only offering biryani but still you have to check Biryani express menu to check the prices. They offer simple biryani, half biryani, medium biryani and full biryani. You can check the below-given menu card pictures to check the prices of every plate.

Biryani Express Johar Town Menu


Biryani without Shami is incomplete and biryani express knows it very well. They have introduced different combo for their customers in which they provide Shami, salad, and raita to its customers. So, if you are interested in biryani express deals then, you can check from the above side.

Biryani Express Johar Town


Those who want to know about the specialty of Biryani Express Lahore must have known that this place offers authentic biryani. They always sell biryani instead of pulao in the name of biryani. So, if you also want to try biryani then, you can visit this place.

Karachi Biryani Barkat Market

Contact Number:

Biryani Express Johar Town contact number for home delivery is as follows.

0323 4441023


This place is located in Johar town Lahore and its complete address is as follows.

369 E Allah Hoo Chowk Rd, Block E Phase 1 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab


We have not only shared the menu of Biryani Express Johar Town but also shared its pin location and complete address. If you have any other questions then, you can ask through comment and we will surely answer your questions as soon as possible.

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