A famous Tiktoker Nimra Ali (NimraAli9) has opened her own restaurant Blazing Buds in Karachi. You can check Blazing Buds Karachi Menu and can visit this place for quality fast food and great ambiance. The best thing about this place is that its ambiance is perfect to make Tiktok videos. Isn’t it good? That you can get both the tasty food and TikTok videos together. Furthermore, if you want to meet Nimra Ali then you can also visit this place because most of the time she remains available at her own restaurant. We have shared the complete menu of this restaurant with updated prices that you can check from here. If you want to get the complete address, then simply scroll down to check its complete address with pin location.

Blazing Buds Karachi Menu

Blazing Buds Karachi is a fast food restaurant which is offering the best quality burgers, pizza, and sandwiches. They have special deals and discount offers that you can avail of by visiting this place.

Blazing Buds Menu Karachi:

So, if you want to check the complete Blazing Buds Menu Karachi then you can scroll down and check from this website. This place is serving the best quality burgers, sandwiches, Pizzas, and much more.

Blazing Buds Karachi Menu Blazing Buds Karachi Menu 1 Blazing Buds Karachi Menu 2


If you are looking for the Blazing Buds Karachi Specialty then you can try their special Steak Sandwich or Roast Beed Sandwich. Furthermore, their Pulled Beef Burger is also very tasty. Pizza lovers can also get a variety of Pizza from this place.

Blazing Buds Karachi Pictures 4

Tiktok Videos:

As I already mentioned that the ambiance of this place is also very cool so you can make TikTok videos at this place too. So, if you are a TikToker then you must have to visit this place to make videos.

Restaurant Pictures:

The ambiance of this place is worth visiting. So, if you want to check Blazing Buds Restaurant pictures then open the below-given pictures to check its environment.

Blazing Buds Karachi Pictures Blazing Buds Karachi Pictures 3 Blazing Buds Karachi Pictures 2 Blazing Buds Karachi Pictures 1

Contact Number:

Blazing Buds Karachi Contact Number is given in the below side.

0300 2529464


If you are visiting this place for the first time then follow the below address.

Malir Link to Super Hwy, Malir Cantonment, Karachi, Sindh


If you are using Google maps to locate this place then follow the directions below given google maps.

Espresso Karachi Menu 

This is the complete Blazing Buds Karachi Menu that you can check from this website. If you want to check other restaurants near this place then you can visit the main page of this website.

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