Have you heard about Brick Oven Burgers In Karachi? If not then, let me tell you that a new type of burger, known as Brick oven burger is ruling in town. People are becoming fans of this burger because the owner makes this delicious burger in a brick oven. So, if you are fond of trying new dishes in Karachi then, it must be on your priority list. You can visit Nasheman Restaurant Karachi and can find this yummiest burger at very economical prices. For more details, you can check the below side.

Brick Oven Burgers In Karachi

After the huge success of brick oven pizza, the brick oven burger is now trending in Karachi. There is a restaurant named Nasheman restaurant in Karachi that is offering this new style of burger. So, if you are interested to try this brick oven burger then, you have to visit Nasheman restaurant Karachi.


The specialty of this brick oven burger is that they prepare the burger in soft dough and then put it in the brick oven where the dough becomes hard. The smoky flavor of these freshly cooked burgers increases the taste and that is the reason who tries this burger always fall in love. Furthermore, they are offering two variants including beef burger and chicken burger. So, whether you are a chicken burger lover or beef burger lover, you can visit this place and can try this yummiest burger.

Brick Oven Burgers In Karachi

Restaurant Name:

People are curious to check the name of the restaurant from where they can get this yummiest burger. If you are also looking for the name of the restaurant then, let me tell you that you can visit Nasheman Restaurant Karachi. This is the restaurant from where you can find brick oven burgers in Karachi. We have shared the complete menu of this restaurant that you can check from the main page of this website.

The complete details of Brick Oven Burgers In Karachi are given here. For more details, you can visit the main page of Nasheman restaurant Karachi on this website where we have shared the prices of these burgers.

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