Hey, guys today we are talking about the very famous restaurant of Pakistan Bundu Khan. this restaurant has many branches but today we are talking about the branch of Murree. this restaurant is open for many years. the chefs are so good at making their dishes and their style of making the dishes which they are providing to us is very brilliant. the restaurant is too good as the taste of dishes. the restaurant is decorated with flowers. all the flowers used for the decoration are of different types and different colors which attracts the people in the restaurant. See the menu card from here.

Bundu Khan Murree Menu

When we talk about the food at home then they provide home delivery services. For this, you have not only to go to the restaurant just call the number of the restaurant. Just order the food and the service of this restaurant are too fast as they delivered your order up to a minimum of 35 to 40 minutes.

Bundu Khan Menu:

As the restaurant is so famous the dishes which they are providing are also very famous. because they are providing the all the food items are made with best oil companies and other things all also best. this is also the result of their employers which make the food and the serving of food is too good.

Bundu Khan Multan Menu 6 Bundu Khan Multan Menu 7 Bundu Khan Multan Menu 5 Bundu Khan Multan Menu 1 Bundu Khan Multan Menu 2 Bundu Khan Multan Menu 3 Bundu Khan Multan Specialty Bundu Khan Multan Menu 4 Bundu Khan Multan Menu Bundu Khan Ramadan Buffet

Bundu Khan Specialty:

the restaurant is also the specialty like the dishes which they are providing to us. the specialty of this restaurant is the food which people like and take the food the deals are so good and taste of deals are of many low prices than many others.

bundu khan murree

Bundu Khan Contact Number:

For the number, you need to see the below side.

0313 5353718

Bundu Khan Address:

As the address is shared here so must visit this place.

Mall Road, Murree, Rawalpindi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Bundu Khan Location:

The link to the location is provided for your easiness.

Shangrilla Resort Murree Menu

All the details regarding Bundu Khan Murree Menu prices location and much more I just available at this place. So you need to see the information from the main page of the website. We have categorized everything for you.

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