So many of you had already listened about the place from where you will get the utensils with the food. Now from here, you will all get the information about Burger Factory Lahore Menu. This restaurant is the first and the foremost place that is doing some kind of initiatives for their customers. If you think that fries could be the best possible thing then you wrong. Because when you will get the loaded rice with some taste of fries it becomes an extraordinary taste. If you want some kind of fry pan in your house then you must have to eat the food on that frying pan. They also serve the food in the utensil and pack that utensil for you to take it home. Now go down and check the basic requirements you want from here.

Burger Factory Lahore Menu

Now only the Frypan you will also get a mug or a tub. So guys get the pasta in the mug and the loaded fries in the tub, you will not only love the way they are serving food. But you will also love the taste they are serving to the customers. Scroll down and check the address location of this place in no time.

Burger Factory Menu Prices:

So guys today the trend has been changed by this place. Everyone is talking about the fries but you will also get the loaded rice from here. The rice is available in the frying pan. Not only the burger fries and rice you can also get the loaded wraps. The drinks or the pasta are available in glasses or buckets. And in their menu, they have mentioned that you can take utensils in your home.

Burger Factory Menu Prices

Burger Factory Best Seller Deals:

The deals are available here. In the first deal, you will get the three items loaded rice, fries a mac cheese pasta, and the last thing that is burger only in 999. And the other deal has 2 grilled burgers 2 charcoal burgers and 1 loaded fries only in 999. So take the utensils home and get the best food.

Burger Factory Best Seller Deals

Burger Factory Specialty:

The specialty of this place is the loaded rice. So call your friends and take them to this place. Enjoy the food items and make the day happy with them.

Burger Factory Burger Specialty Burger Factory Specialty

Burger Factory Restaurant photos:

Have you ever heard about the best taste best place and the best serving qualities? Then this restaurant is one of the best places to have a cozy environment. And then you will also get the wonderful taste from here.

Burger Factory Restaurant photos

Contact Number:

For the updates, you can also call them and confirm the updates.

0321 4889922


The address is given here and also the location is mentioned here.

Plot 183, Block B, bankers town Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan-54000


Pataka Boti Lahore Menu

Let’s have a look at the Burger Factory Lahore Menu prices location address contact number also about the details of the deal. Get the details about the menu prices of any of the other restaurants situated in Lahore.

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