A dreamy place Bahria Grand, that is now operating Cafe Grand Bahria Town Lahore. Now you can see that this place has tasty food. When you will visit this place with your loved ones then you will surely have tasty food. Indulge in a flavorful journey with the Grand Pizzas’ variety. From this place, you will get some discount on self-take away. Click on the link to choose your flavor from the menu card. They are pleased to announce that the new pizza options are being enjoyed by many people in Lahore.

Cafe Grand Bahria Town Lahore

Be a part of the families and treat yourself to the delicious pizzas today. They delivered a huge number of foods for the customers.  Put smiles on the faces of your family with the taste of café Grand. Stay tuned as they will be returning with the revamped deals and the food. See the details of the restaurant from here.

Cafe Grand Menu Card:

Try out delicious pizzas with flavors ranging from desi to continental according to your mood. We at the Bahria grand have mastered the art of pizza making and are now ready to serve you. Customers who proceed with self take away will get a discount on all the prices.

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Cafe Grand Deals:

Yes, you have heard it right. Because they have many reasonable deals fr the customers. The rates are also very minimal so you and order your favorite dishes. Just see the details from here.

cafe grand specialty

Cafe Grand Images:

This is the best place where you can enjoy your events. So when it comes to the images of this place then you can see it from here. As the place is very unique so must visit this place and enjoy the time.

cafe grand

Cafe Grand Contact Number:

The number is shared here call them and then ask for the food.

(042) 35341241

Cafe Grand Address:

For the complete address, you have to see it.

Bahria Grand Hotel & Resort, Canal Bank Rd, Executive Lodges Sector B Bahria Town, Lahore, Punjab

Cafe Grand Location:

This is the link to the location for you guys.

Yasir Broast Bahria Town Lahore

Here we have tried to share the complete details of Cafe Grand Bahria Town Lahore menu rates images and much more on this website. Now you will see the details of the restaurant on the website. Comment us about the taste of the restaurant.

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