Do you want to check Cafe Platoon Lahore Menu with prices? If yes then check from this website. This place is offering fast food, smoothies, coffees, and much more to its customers. This place is an ideal place for those who are visiting Anarkali Bazaar for shopping. During the hectic shopping, you can refresh yourself by visiting Cafe Platoon and trying their smoothies. They also have burgers, pizza, and sandwiches, for its customers too. So, if you want to check the complete menu of this café, then check from the below side. We are also sharing its latest deals that you can also order from this place too.

Cafe Platoon Lahore Menu

Cafe Platoon Lahore is offering fast food, coffee, and much more to its customers. You can check the complete details of this place from here like its contact number, menu with prices, and address to visit this place.

Cafe Platoon Menu:

You can check the complete offerings of this café from Cafe Platoon Menu card pictures. If you want to check the menu card pictures then you can open the below pictures. The prices of every dish are up to date. You can also order your food from your home by dialing their contact number.

Cafe Platoon Lahore Menu Cafe Platoon Menu


This café is offering different deals to its customers including delivery deals and much more. So, if you want to check their latest deals then simply call on their contact number or check their menu.


If you want to check the specialty of Cafe Platoon then you can try their special pizza, burgers, and smoothies. For their specialties, you can simply visit their menu card which is given on the above side.

Contact Number:

Do you know that this place also delivers food to your doorstep? You can now order your food by dialing the Cafe Platoon Lahore contact number which is as follows.

0303 3444111


The Mall, 45 Commercial Building Near Anarkali Chowk Lahore


It is difficult to find this place by simply checking its address. But don’t worry, we are sharing its pin location which is as follows.

Cafe Ostyria Mall Road Lahore Menu

For complete Cafe Platoon Lahore Menu and prices, you can check the above pictures. If you want to check other nearby places then simply scroll down this page.

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