If you are looking for the best Camel Kebab in Lahore then let me tell you that you need to visit Baba Azam Chowk Ichra Lahore. There are two local restaurants in Baba Azam chowk that have introduce the special Kebabs made from Camel meat. You will not only get camel kebabs but can also get camel Tikka and camel BBQ from these two restaurants. Before these two restaurants, there was no restaurant offering special camel bbq or kebabs in Lahore. People love to eat these kebabs because of their taste and benefits. We are sharing the complete details including their price in the below side.

Camel Kebab in Lahore

Camel meat has several health benefits and that is the reason that people love to eat camel meat. There is a restaurant in Ichara that took the initiative to provide camel meat in the form of BBQ. Now you can get camel BBQ and Camel Kebabs from Ichra Lahore.

Camel Kebab in Lahore

Camel Kebab Price in Lahore:

If you are looking for a camel kebab price in Lahore then let me tell you that a single kebab costs Rs 60. This is a very reasonable price because the size of the kebab is also very considerable. So, if you want to eat camel kebab then you must have to know its price in rupees.

Camel Tikka Price in Lahore:

Like camel kebab, the camel tikka price in Lahore is also very reasonable. The single seakh of Camel BBQ costs RS 120. This price is only valid at two local restaurants in Ichra that have taken this initiative to provide camel Tikka and Camel Kebabs.

Where Can I Find Camel Kebabs in Lahore?

If you are searching for where you can find camel kebabs in Lahore then let me tell you that there is a restaurant named Khan Baba Tikka in Baba Azam chowk Ichra. You can get camel BBQ from there or from the other restaurant which is located next to this BBQ shop. Both restaurants are offering the best quality BBQ in Lahore.


These two restaurants are located in Baba Azam Chowk Ichara near QDS Ichra Restaurant. You can visit this place and find the best quality camel kebabs and Tikka.


Those who are visiting for the first time can check its pin location from here.

Chullu Roast Lahore

This is the complete detail of the best Camel Kebab in Lahore with the price. If you want to check more similar places in Lahore then visit the main page of this website.

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