Chapter 1 Rahim Yar Khan is one of the best and Only types of fine-dining Restaurants. From this place, you will find the right food and Ambiance at reasonable rates. Want all types of cuisines in a single place? Then your next visit should be chapter 1. A place where all types of cuisines are available. From Chinese to desi food and even some of the fast-food items are available here. From here you will get all the details of the menu card and even the rates are shared here.

Chapter 1 Rahim Yar Khan

All the finger-licking food items are available here. So when you want tasty food but at minimal rates then you must go ahead with Chapter 1. You all can enjoy the kabab and bbq items that no one has in RYK. So without wasting the time just move forward with the menu card.

Chapter 1 Restaurant RYK Menu:

Enjoy tempting food from Chapter 1. The complete menu card is just shared here for you guys. Starting from the beef, mutton, and even chicken items to some Chinese taste they have all sorts of food for the customer’s choice. Now checking the menu rates you will realize that they have very reasonable prices.

chapter 1 menu

Chapter 1 RYK Buffet:

All of you can just enjoy the Buffet Menu from here. This is the good news for all the foodies. In Just Rs. 1100 you all will get hundreds of dishes for a limited time. The timing for the buffet is From 7:30 PM To 11:00 PM.

chapter 1 buffet

Chapter 1 Specialty:

When it comes to the special food then they have the best desi food that no other RYK restaurant has. Now you can visit this place and then have the tastiest food of your choice.

chapter 1 specialty

Chapter 1 RYK Contact Number:

Here we have shared the number of the restaurant, call them and then ask for further details.


Chapter 1 RYK Address:

For the complete address, you may see the below-given details.

Main Road Abbasia Town Opposite Railway Line Rahim Yar Khan

Chapter 1  Location:

This is the link to the location.

Sizzler Restaurant Rahim Yar Khan

Now make sure to see the complete details of Chapter 1 Rahim Yar Khan Menu Card Number Address Location and much more. As they have the best food so you may love to have the food and then tell us about the reviews of this place.

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