A restaurant that is serving in a better way than others. So if you are also searching for Charsi Tikka Ramadan Deals then you are at the right place. Charsi Tikka, Named After The Highest Peak In Afghanistan. Now it is The Latest Addition to Lahore’s Vibrant Food Culture. If you are impressed with the food and culture of Afghanistan then this restaurant is for you. Have a look at the details of the Ramadan deals that are specially offered for their customers. Make a plan and then you can enjoy the food from here.

Charsi Tikka Ramadan Deals

The food is made up of fresh ingredients that bring some good level taste in the food. There is a very unique way to make the food and presents to the customers. So if you want to eat the food in Ramadan then you can just order it from here. All over Lahore, you will get a free home delivery facility.

Charsi Tikka Iftar Deal:

So if you want to know what you will get in the deals then we are here to tell you everything. Charsi Tikka deal for 3 is available only in RS. 750/-. The Half Kg Chicken Karahi and a Half Plate Chapli Kabab along with the Qabli Palao Half are available here.  2 Afghani Naan 3 Soft Drinks 1 Raita and 1 Salad will be enough for 3 persons. So make sure to have the deals in you Iftar or even in Sehri.

Charsi Tikka Ramadan Deals

Charsi Tikka Sehri Deal:

Want to eat tasty Charsi Tikka at sehri time? Then what are you waiting for? Just visit this place and then have enjoyed tasty sehri and Iftari deals at a very reasonable cost. Just see the details from here and then decide which day you are going to have tasty food.

Charsi tikka sehri deals

Sofra Restaurant Ramadan Deals

Have a look at the Charsi Tikka Ramadan Deals that are given here. Charsi Tikka Sehri deals and Charsi Tikka Iftar deals are mentioned here. Stay with us and have all the details of the Ramadan deals from here.

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