When you have nothing to eat then must visit Daal Rice Boat Basin Menu and the prices from here. Daal Rice serves the best Daal Chawal in town with your favorite accompaniments. Unique taste in a refined setting. Daal Rice furnishes flavorful and luxurious cuisine made with new and sound fixings. The menu incorporates Best Daal Rice, Chicken kabab, and Namkeen Lassi at inside entirely reasonable cost. They additionally give limited arrangements on their menu. See the menu card and the rates from the below side.

Daal Rice Boat Basin Menu

Hey Foodies! Visit them and Check-in with the tasty Daal Rice to get the scrumptious Chicken Kabab free. As the rate of the restaurant is low but they never compromise on the taste and the quality of the food.

Daal Rice Menu Card:

Introducing the new item in the menu card. Now, this is the time to visit the cart and enjoy the deliciousness of the food. The rates of the menu card are also available here. Now it is the time to enjoy yourself with your friends.

daal rice menu

Daal Rice Specialty:

The special item of this restaurant is Daal and rice. The way they cook food is amazing and makes the food tasty. SO whenever you want tasty food you can visit this place with your friends.

daal rixe

Daal Rice Contact Number:

The number is here call them and then make sure to visit this place.

0333 7638257

Daal Rice Address:

This is the time to see the details of the complete address.

Block 5 Clifton Karachi Karachi City, Sindh

Daal Rice Location:

Follow the directions and go visit the at Daal Rice.

Del Frio Boat Basin Karachi

Now is the time to see the details of Daal Rice Boat Basin Menu Prices location address number and much more. If you want to see more details you can check it from the main page of this website. The comment section is also available for you guys.

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