Whenever you visit fortress stadium and have no idea what to eat then you can surely visit Dhabay Wala Lahore. This place is also located in Fortress stadium for your entertainment purpose and the those who want to eat tasty food.  Be it traditional or fusion tea, this is the slogan of the restaurant. This means that this place has hot tea and sizzling snacks for your appetite. Be it Partha’s or Burger for your hunger. Dhaba wala is the king of Dhabba. So the world is just getting jealous and the place of Dhabay Wala is just stepping up the ladder of fame. See the details from here.

Dhabay Wala Lahore

Have you ever seen a place where you can just sit and enjoy a sip of tea? A place that is just decorated with the truck art. Not only the tea but you can also many of the food items that will be enough for your appetite. So for this, you need to check the menu card and the rates from here.

Dhabay Wala Menu Card:

Here is the menu card for you guys. Just check what they are offering for their customers. Just keep one thing in mind that they have a cup of hot tea and the bbq items. Not only this but you can get the Karahi items from here. The rates are also very reasonable.

Dhabaywala menu photos

Dhabay Wala Special Platters:

When you are in Fortress Stadium Lahore, enjoy family time with gup-shup, quality food, and desi music at Dhabaywala. Happy Weekend is waiting for you. See the platters from here and then enjoy that platter with your buddies.

Dhabay Wala Fortress Stadium Photos:

The images of this lovely place are shared here. A place that is decorated with Truck art. Not only this you will surely have a place where you can sit with your friends and then spend some quality time.

Dhabaywala photos

Dhabay Wala Contact Number:

For the number, you need to check the below side.


Dhabay Wala Address:

Here is the address of this beautiful place.

G9M7+92W, Saddar Town, Lahore, Punjab

Dhabay Wala Location:

If you want to visit the place then this location will surely help you.

Shezan Restaurant Fortress Menu

Here is the detailed information about Dhabay Wala Lahore. This is the place where everyone just wants to visit to enjoy the weather. So you can go there and then must take your friends with you. We have also shared some of the restaurants situated in the Fortress stadium for you guys.

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