Here we have shared driver hotel Kasur menu prices for you. Driver Hotel was established in 1948 by Muhammad Din. In later years run by his son Muhammad Rafiq. Driver Hotel is focused to provide the guests with an exceptional dining experience each and every time. The main goal is to provide a memorable, quality dining experience for every guest. Now they are achieving this by a genuine concern for every guest’s experience. The complete details regarded the menu and the prices along with the address and the contact number are shared here.

Driver Hotel Kasur Menu

Now the main question is that the things and the main items that are available in the Driver Hotel. So the answer is shared here only for your easiness. The menu card pictures are available here, open any of the images from the below side. Then you can also check the specialty of the restaurants. What are the hot-selling items of this place? Order the food and then enjoy it with your friends or family.

Driver Hotel Menu Prices:

The complete menu card is provided here. As the main items that of this place are related to the Desi or Pakistani Cuisine. From Chicken items to the Mutton and the BBQ they have all kinds of dishes. Now keep one thing in your mind that the food items available at the lowest rate.

Driver Hotel Main Menu Driver Hotel side order Menu Driver Hotel Special offer Menu

Driver Hotel Specialty:

The specialty of this place is the special kind of Karahi. Now you can taste the mixed grill platter from here. see the tempting photos from here and then decide what will you eat from here.

 Driver Hotel Specialty

Driver Hotel Kasur Photos:

As the photos have shared so this will describe to you how good the ambiance of this place. Make sure to visit the place with your friends and family. The environment is so cool so can’t wait to spend time with your family.

Driver Hotel Kasur Photos

Contact Number:

Call on the given numbers, and then confirm the timing from here. Not only the timing you can also order the food at your doorstep.



The complete address is shared here, check the pin drop location from here.

Lalyani Adda, Kasur


From here you will get the Driver Hotel Kasur Menu prices location address and also the contact number. Make a plan with your family and then decide which hotel suits you when you talk about the lowest rate food.

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