You can never compare any lassi with Feeka Lassi Lahore. This is not an ordinary lassi, it is special peray wali lassi that you can never get from anywhere else in Lahore. This place is located in the heart of Lahore near Gawalmandi Food Street. So, if you are a true food lover then you must have to give it a try at this famous place. The best time to visit this place is morning because they close their shop after 12 pm. For the exact location or complete address, you can check the below side. If you want to check their contact number then it is also available too. So, scroll down and get complete detail of this famous place in Lahore.

Feeka Lassi Lahore

There is nothing better to beat the heat than Feqay ki Lassi. In Lahore, almost every milk shop offers lassi but none of them can beat Chacha Feqa Lassi in taste. You must have to give a try to its special Peray wali lassi which is also its specialty.

Chacha Fiqay Ki Lassi Price:

The famous lassi of Gawalmandi Lahore is very cheap. Chacha Fiqay ki lassi Price is Rs 160 per glass which is a very reasonable price. You can also get simple lassi but believe me if you are visiting this place then you must have to try its special peray wali lassi.

Shop Pictures:

There are some fake places that claim this business but if you want to visit the real shop then you can check Chacha Feeqa Lassi Shop pictures from here. These pictures will help you to find the real shop in Gawalmandi Lahore.

Feeka Lassi Lahore Feeka Lassi Lahore Pictures

Feeqa Lassi Address:

This place is located within walking distance of Gawalmandi Food Street. So, if you want to visit this place then check the complete address from the below side.

Railway Rd, Gawalmandi, Lahore, Punjab

Fiqay Ki Lassi Location:

The pin location of Fiqay ki lassi Lahore is as follows.

Contact Number:

Feeka Lassi Lahore contact number is as follows.

0302 9527943

Jedda Lassi Wala Lahore

Those who want to taste Feeka Lassi Lahore can only get by visiting this place. This place doesn’t have a delivery system and if you are ordering it online from Cheetay or any third-party app then this place holds no liability. The best way to enjoy the famous lassi of Lahore is to visit this place.

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