Yes, you have heard it right. Broadway has introduced Five Feet Long Pizza for valuable customers. This restaurant has presented World’s Largest Pizza Slice by Broadway Pizza. It is actually compared to an actual human height. Do you still think you have what it takes to finish the Blockbuster pizza. When it comes to the special and the tasty food then Broadway never disappoints us. Because they just bring those food items that are tasty and even enough for our craving.

Five Feet Long Pizza

The World’s Largest Pizza Slice has been launched by Pakistan’s Award Winning Pizza House. It is the Blockbuster pizza that is five feet long and even weighs enough for the cravings. How many people do you think will it take to finish this gigantic pizza slice? Stay tuned for more updates regarding The Blockbuster Challenge.

Broadway Five Feet Pizza Slice:

Brace Yourself because the wait is finally over. The World’s Largest Pizza Slice has just landed in its full glory. The Pizza is the ultimate showstopper sizing up to 5 FT and Weighing almost 12 KGS. Take someone whom you think can finish this alone or with you. This restaurant will also arrange amazing contests and updates regarding the longest pizza.

Braodway pizza slice

Broadway Pizza Slice Height:

The height of the pizza is approximately 5 feet that are also measured with the height of humans. You can also see the comparison in the images. The price of the Longest pizza slice is not yet confirmed by the restaurant.

Broadway Pizza Slice Weight:

Here is the weight mentioned at this place. This pizza slice has a 12 Kg weight that is enough to fulfill your cravings. They never compromise on the taste so just trust them and take your buddy with you for the best taste and ambiance.

5ft Pizza Broadway Price:

If you want to know the price of human-sized pizza then the price is approximately RS9999. If you want to do some kind of exciting challenge then you can also see it from the main page of the website.

Broadway Pizza Deals Lahore

Here we have mentioned the details regarding Broadway Five Feet Long Pizza Slice. You can visit this place because this is just a limited offer. For the rates, you have to stay with us and then wait for the updates. We will surely update the information as soon as possible.

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