Gober Hotel Quetta is one of the most renowned tea spots for individuals of Quetta. The taste is consistently the same and as consistently we advise all of you to once taste their tea taste and say thanks to us later in the comment section. Customers from exceptionally far places come for a 30 rupees cup of tea, a portion of these people came through Motorbikes however larger part of them comes in Cars. All this means that the taste always speaks. And due to taste all the customers visit from far places. if you haven’t tested yet then you must have to visit this place.

Gobar Hotel Quetta

It’s the flavor of tea that will bring you to this place. Most individuals visit Gober Tea Hotel on Friday, as on different days it’s in every case loaded with vehicles, there is no single free day for Gober Tea Hotel. whenever you will visit this place you will see the love of customers towards them.

Gobar Hotel Menu Card:

When we talk about the rates then It’s not that expensive as compared to other tea hotels in Quetta.  Gober Tea hotel provides Quality, so it’s not that expensive at all for people. As we all know that tea lovers want a tasty and tea full of quality. so when you visit this place then you will find everything in just a single place.

Gobar Hotel Specialty:

the place where the restaurant is situated in a rushy area. So when you visit you will also order the samosa along with your tea for your appetite.

Gobar Hotel QuettaGobar Hotel Quetta

Gobar Hotel Contact Number:

Usually such kind of hotels has no contact details because they never deal in a home delivery facility.

Gobar Hotel Address:

As they have no delivery facility so you have to visit them and then have a  cup of tea.

 6272+V6F, Killi Ismail Killi Ismail Nichari Baloch Town, Quetta, Balochistan

Gobar Hotel Location:

The location details are mentioned here.

Usmania Restaurant Quetta

All the details of Gobar Hotel Quetta are provided here. You have to check the menu details and the rates from the below side. The details of other tea stalls situated in Quetta are available here. You have to see the main page of the website.

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