Goonga Yaqoob Chai Wala LahoreIn Lahore there are hundreds of famous places and Goonga Yaqoob Chai Wala Lahore is one of them. Goonga Yaqoob or Yaqu Chai Wala is a local tea stall which is located on temple road. This is one of the oldest tea stalls in Lahore where you can find the best dodhpati. This place is famous for the dumb and deaf. Almost every time this place remains crowded by dumb and deaf who come to this place for casual meetings. If we talk about the tea at this place then they have a very unique taste of tea that you will never find anywhere else in Lahore. So, when you are visiting Lahore, you must have to visit this place and try their special dodh Patti.

Goonga Yaqoob Chai Wala Lahore

Goonga Yaqoob Chai Wala is a famous tea stall in Lahore. Those who are visiting Lahore and want to try special tea of Lahore can visit this place. At this place, you can find the dodh pati, and Karak tea. So, if you want to check the price of its tea then you can find it from the below side.

Yaqu Tea Stall Lahore Prices:

At yaqu tea stall Lahore you can try the Karak tea and dodh Patti. So, if you want to check the Yaqu Tea stall Lahore prices. The normal cup of tea at this place costs only RS 25. But if you want a special Dodh pati then you need to pay RS 30.

Goonga Yaqoob Chai Wala Lahore Menu

Karak Chai RS 25
Dodh Pati RS 40
Bun Plaster RS 70
Bun Pakhan Rs 60


Gonga Yaqoob Chai Wala is a famous place in Lahore which is a special place for the Dumb and Deaf ( Googy). The owner itself is not dumb and deaf but the place got famous as dumb and deaf come to this place on regular basis. So, if you are looking for this place then you must have to check its complete address and contact number.

0333 3074317

Goonga Yaqoob Chai Wala Address:

This place is located on Temple road Lahore. Here is the complete address of this place.

Temple Rd, Mozang Chungi, Lahore, Punjab

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Goonga Yaqoob Chai Wala Location:

Those who are visiting for the first time can use google maps to find its exact location.

This is the complete detail of Goonga Yaqoob Chai Wala Lahore including its complete address, location, and contact number. So, if you want to check the nearest places for dinner or lunch then you can check from this website by scrolling down.

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