After the huge success of the Spicy Chicken broast in Saudi Arabia, now the company moved to Pakistan to surprise the Pakistani foodies. We are talking about the House of Broast Wapda Town Lahore. This place is offering a unique taste of spicy broast all the way from Saudi Arabia. The best thing about this place is that they have 9 years of experience in this field and they are providing the best quality broast to foodies at very economical prices. We are sharing the complete details of their menu along with their prices. You can check their complete menu and can decide about visiting this place. The complete details of this restaurant is as follows.

House of Broast Wapda Town

The demand for Arabian broast is increasing day by day. There may be thousands of reasons behind this Arabian broast trend but the most famous one is that Arabian broast is spicier than normal broast. They use special ingredients to make it spicy and inject those spices in the chicken so that every bite feels good till the last bite. So, if you are also interested to try Arabian broast, then, you can visit the House of broast Lahore. We have shared their menu which is as follows.

House of Broast Lahore Menu:

This restaurant is offering Arabian broast to broast lovers in Lahore. The best thing about this place is that they have years of experience in Arabian broast making and these things make them one of the perfect options to try Arabian broast in Pakistan. We have shared a complete House of Broast Lahore Menu with prices so that, you can check its prices before visiting.

House of Broast Wapda Town Menu


The specialty of House of Broast is their special Arabian Broast. You have to know that how Arabian broast is different from simple broast. Before moving to its comparison first of let me tell you that broast is originated from America. It became famous all across the world and people have adopted broast as per their culture. In Saudi Arabia, people made it spicier and it became famous. The main difference between normal broast and Arabian broast is its spices. The Arabian broast is spicier than simple broast. Basically, they inject spices into the chicken and make it spicier from the inside.

Hen N Bun Johar Town Menu

Contact Number:

You can also avail of home delivery from House of Broast Lahore. We are sharing the House of Broast contact number which is as follows.

0305 1833331


This restaurant is located in Wapda Town. The complete address of this place is as follows.

Shop #G20 E2 Market, WAPDA Town, Lahore


The pin location of House of Broast is as follows.

We are recommending you to try broast from House of Broast Wapda Town Lahore. They are offering one of the best Arabian broast at very economical prices. For other similar restaurants, you can check the below side or can visit the main page of this website.

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