Howdy is also available in Islamabad in F& Market. Those who are interested to visit this place can check Howdy F7 Islamabad Menu from here. Howdy is basically a western theme-based restaurant where you can experience the cowboy lifestyle. They décor it like the house of cowboy and provide the best experience to those who visit this place. People not only visit this place for its theme or décor but, also visit this place due to its quality burgers and steaks. They specialize in beef burgers and beef steaks and that is the reason that beef lovers who visit this place for once will never go to any other place.

Howdy F7 Islamabad Menu

In Islamabad, if you are looking for premium burgers then no restaurant can beat Howdy burgers in taste. They have premium chicken and grilled burgers with the option of fried and steak meat. So, if you want to visit this place or want to order from home and looking for its menu then, here is the complete menu of this place.

Howdy Islamabad Menu:

From this restaurant, you can find chicken burgers, beef burgers, steaks, grilled chicken, and much more. We have shared the complete Howdy Islamabad Menu with the price that you can check by scrolling down. The prices are up to date.


Son of a Bun RS 599
Tickle Pickle RS 495
John Waynes RS 495
Rodeo Glory RS 499
Wrangler RS 499
Rango Tango RS 499
Fandango Stay Mild RS 599
Fandango GO Wild RS 599
Rootin Tootin Smookin RS 599
Rootin Tootin Shroomin RS 599
Volconda Mutton Jalapino RS 699
Volconda Mutton Spinach RS 699
Django RS 499
Teeny Weeny Smookin RS 599
Itsy bitsy shroomin RS
Lil Dozer Egg RS 399
Bulldozer Dose of Jalapeno Cheese RS 789
Bulldozer Dose of Egg RS 789
Son of A bun RS 849
Bulldozer Dose of Jalapeno Cheese RS 899
Bulldozer Dose of Egg RS 899
Prawn Star RS
Volconda Jalapeno Cheese RS 949
Fandango Stay Mild RS 849
Fandango Go Wild RS 849
Rootin Tootin Smookin RS 849
Rootin Tootin Shroomin RS 849
Tickle Pickle RS 729
Chicken Steaks
Gunslinger RS 949
Texan RS 949
Desprado RS 949
Italiano RS 949
Mexicano RS 949
Moroccano RS 949
Bonemarrow Steak RS 2499
Kidney Fat Steak RS 2499
Texan RS 999
Desperado RS 999
Rotisserie Chicken
Cockaroo Buckaroo RS 1099
Cockaroo buckaroo half RS 699
Cockaroo Buckaroo Full RS 1299
Cockaroo Buckaroo Half RS 799


Chicken Wrap RS 499
Monsta Wrap RS 499


John The Don Beef RS
John the Don Chicken RS
John The don Chicken RS
Magnu Magma RS
El Casico RS
Country Cowboy RS 249
Hot Cowgirl RS 259
Howdy Deputy RS 299
Sheriffs Fav RS 299
Frenzy RS
Fried Honey Mustard Wings RS 599
Fried Buffalo Wings RS 599
Fried Sweet Chilli RS 599
Fried Creamy Chipotle RS 599
Jalapino Popper 4 Pieces RS
Buckshots RS 449
Fried Honey Lemon Wings RS 599
Ice Cream Shakes
Oreo RS 349
Chocolate RS 349
Lotus RS 399
Peanut Butter RS 349


Howdy Islamabad offers different deals on different occasions like they offer deals during the holy month of Ramadan, during PSL, and on EID. Apart from this, they also offer deals on special days like Pakistan day etc too.

Howdy Eid offer


The specialty of this place is their special chicken and beef burgers. Apart from burgers, you can try their steaks especially their bone marrow steak which is worthy to try.

Contact Number:

The Howdy F7 Islamabad contact number for home delivery is as follows.

(051) 2611182


This place is located in F7 Islamabad. The complete address is as follows.

Gol Market, Shop 6، F 7/3 F-7, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory


Follow the below maps to find this place.

Burger Spot Islamabad Menu

Those who are interested in online orders can check Howdy F7 Islamabad Menu and can call on their contact numbers. Apart from this, you can also visit their website to order online.


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