Get tired of eating the same things daily? Then why not visit Jeela Food Point. A place where all foodies want to go. The restaurant just claims that their food is intoxicating for the foodies. So why not a hangover from food? They have 6 different food six days a week. No one can even assume what the food items could be. But the taste of this place will surely bring them back to the food point. Now we are trying to give you the details of the restaurant.

Jeela Food Point

All the desi food lovers have an idea about this local food in Lahore. The food of Jeela will bring water to your mouth and you can’t resist having the food from here. Why not take aside your dieting and get the hangover of food from this Jeela food restaurant.

Jeela Food Point Gulberg Menu:

As we have already told you that the restaurant has different food items on different days. So you will find chanay, Kabab, Karahi, Chicken Patties, Haleem, or other different items from here. The best thing about this place is that they have the unique flavors that make you go back to this place. Now just appreciate the taste of this place.

jeela food point

 Jeela Food Specialty:

The specialty of the food is that they have a unique sort of food that no other restaurant has. Jeela food cart has unique flavorsome food. The specialty of this place is that you will find six different dishes on six different days. That means you will get a new dish every day. Furthermore, Jeela cooks everything in Desi Ghee which is the specialty of this place.

Jeela Food Images:

Just see the images from here and then decide when you are going to this place. Each picture describes the beauty of this food cart.

jeela food

Jeela Food Contact Number:

The number of the restaurant is available here.

0343 4005570

Jeela Food Address:

For the address, you need to see the below side.

Block A Main Market, Lahore, Punjab

Jeela Food Location:

This is the link to the location provided to you guys.

Broaster Gulberg Lahore

Now the details of Jeela Food Point are shared here for you guys. The details are mentioned here for your ease. The comment section is for you guys and then tell us what kind of food you try from here.

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