Yes, you heard it right! Here we will only talk about Kababjees Horror Café Menu and other details. Are you ready to experience Horror and Delicious food under one roof? If yes, then get ready to experience a thematic restaurant with a good vibe. At this place, people will love the ambiance and food altogether. So isn’t it a good idea for Kababjees to open a thematic restaurant for the customers? So from here, you will find the complete menu card and many other details. Scroll down and then see the details from here.

Kababjees Horror Café

We know that all of you guys are just excited to have some themes and the best food. You also asked for it. And Kababjees Horror surely will serve it for you guys. Experience Horror and delicious food in Lunch from this year. Reserve your table call on the numbers given here.

Kababjees Horror Menu Card:

The restaurant is just opening its doors for the customers to serve you a delicious meal with an experience of a lifetime. First time in Pakistan, introducing a Horror thematic Restaurant with the food you surely can trust and taste with your loved ones. They surely wait for your presence and appreciation.

kababjees horror menu

Kababjees Horror Specialty:

Looking for something different, yet delicious. Then just head over to Kababjees Horror Café. They make their food different and delicious at the same time. Just see the tempting food images from here and then decide when are you going to this place.

kababjees horror image

 Kababjees Horror Images:

As this restaurant work only on the Horror theme. So you will love to bring those who want some spice in their life. Go there and then order the food to enjoy the vibe of this place.

Kababjees Horror Contact Number:

The number is shared here for all of you guys.


Kababjees Horror Address:

For the address, you need to see the below side.

Mohammad Ali Society Muhammad Ali Chs (Machs), Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh

Kababjees Horror Location:

This is the link to the location.

Kababjees Restaurant Do Darya Karachi Menu

Now you will surely get the complete details of Kababjees Horror Café menu Card Number Address Location and much more from here. The comment section is open for you, go down and comment there about the taste of this place.

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