When you need to eat some sort of desi food from a brand then this is the most ideal decision for you. View Kaka Gurda Champ Lakshami Menu rates and other contact details. The main spot of Fresh and Hygienic Taka Tak, BBQ, Karahi, Sajji, Tawa Karahi, Tawa Qeema, and Many More. Any of the previously mentioned things are accessible here without fail. Presently select the food and then call them and submit the request to go there. This eatery is currently offering quality food alongside more delicious food. Look down and check the whole menu list and the value data from here.

Kaka Gurda Champ Lakshami

As we as a whole realize that you all need to eat pocket-friendly food. Give the treat to your companions at a generally excellent spot. At a sensible expense, you can provide them with an immense assortment of dishes to eat. Get loved ones with you to fill their heart with joy essential. No other eatery can beat the degree of taste as contrast with this café.

Kaka Gurda Champ Menu Card:

The menu card of Kaka Gurda Champ is just shared here. The only place of Fresh and hygienic Takatak in the world. They are providing you with the best desi food. Now for the rates then this place only offers the food that is reasonable in rates.

Kaka Gurda Champ Menu Prices 3 Kaka Gurda Champ Menu Prices 2 Kaka Gurda Champ Menu Prices 1

Kaka Gurda Champ Specialty:

Talking about the special items then this restaurant has the tastiest Gurda Champ. From the name, you all can assume the specialty. But you can also eat Special Taka Tak to the customers.

Musically Rooftop Specialty 3

Kaka Gurda Champ Images:

Some of the tempting images of the food are available here. See the images and then decide what are you going to eat from this place. Don’t forget to share your reviews here.

Musically Rooftop Specialty 2

Kaka Gurda Champ Contact Number:

The contact details of this place are available here.

0333 4255652

Kaka Gurda Champ Address:

For the address, you need to see the below side.

 Mcleod Rd, Lakshmi Chowk, Gawalmandi, Lahore, Punjab

Kaka Gurda Champ Location:

This is the link to the location.

Kashmiri Daal Chawal Lakshmi Chowk

For the details of Kaka Gurda Champ Lakshami, you need to see this website. We have tried to share the details of other branches of Kaka Gurda Champ. So stay with us and have other information about restaurants situated in Lahore and near Lakshmi Chowk.

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