Like other KFC deals, you can also enjoy KFC Eid Offer 2022. As you know KFC never misses a chance to facilitate its customers. Recently, this fast-food restaurant introduced the KFC HBL Debit Card deal in which they provided 4 Zingers and 1.5L drink in just 550. That deal was closed due to the authority’s restrictions. Now they have decided to facilitate their customers through their EID deals. These deals will remain available for three days including 1st, 2nd, and 3rd days of EID. So, if you are interested in its EID deals then you can simply visit any of the KFC branches or can simply order from home. We have shared the complete details of these deals that you can check from here.

KFC Eid Offer 2022

KFC Pakistan always strives to provide the best deals to its customers. For this, they joined hands with different banks to provide a maximum discount when a customer pays through debit or credit card. On EID, you can get special discounted meals from this place that you can check from here. So, check the complete details of these deals by scrolling down.

KFC Eid Deals 2022:

Those who are looking for the latest KFC EID Deals 2022 can check from here. There is also good news that KFC Ramadan Deals are also valid for three days of Eid. If you are interested in its Ramadan feast deal then you can order that deal too. In this deal, you will get 4 zingers, 4 pieces of chicken, 2 Olper’s Milk, 2 choco Lava packs, and a 1.5L drink. This is one of the best family deals from KFC that you must have to avail.

KFC Eid Offer 2021

KFC Deals:

Apart from KFC Eid Offer 2022, you can order normal KFC Pakistan deals. They have different deals like they are offering a special discount if you will order from the mobile app or will pay through cards. Likewise, they also have different deals that you can avail of by using different banks’ cards.

KFC Bank Deals:

There are different banks that are offering special deals to their customers. You can check the complete detail of each bank from here by opening the link to that deal. So, check the below side for more details about these deals.

HBL Zinger Deal:

The best deal for Zinger lovers is the HBL zinger deal. In this deal, you will get four zingers and a 1.5L drink of your own choice. So, if you are interested in this deal then you need to check its complete details which are as follows.

KFC HBL Debit Card Deal

Union Pay Deal:

If you have a Union Pay Card of UBL or any other bank then you can get a special discounted deal from KFC. By paying through your Union Pay Card, you will save up to 40% which is really a good offer for this EID. For complete details, you can visit the below link.

KFC UBL Union pay Card Deals

Silk Bank:

Silk Bank is also offering up to 40% off when you will pay through its debit or credit card for your favorite KFC meal. So, if you have a Silk bank card then isn’t it wise to pay through your card to get a special discount from KFC? For complete details, you can visit this page.

Silk Bank KFC Deal

KFC Askari Bank:

There is a special treat for Askari bank customers by KFC. Now you can get 2 special zinger burgers, 2 fries, and 2 drinks in just 650. They have prepared a special deal that is only valid for Askari bank debit or credit cardholders.

KFC Askari Bank Deal

If you know of any other KFC Eid Offer 2022 then you can let us know through comments. It will surely help thousands of KFC lovers to avail maximum discounts. For other EID offers and discounts, you can visit the below side.

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