Are you guys excited to have the details about KFC Fortress Stadium? If yes then you are in the right place because here we have presented all the details regarding this restaurant. This is basically an American fast food restaurant chain named Kentucky fried chicken. When this restaurant started it only specializes in fried chicken, so now when you have craving for something tasty you can visit this place. It is the world’s second-largest restaurant chain. They are just offering tasty food at a very lower rate to their customers. So if you want to taste the food then you need to check the details from here.

KFC Fortress Stadium

A chain that is just offering yum food items. When you are guys on diet then still you can eat their food. Because the quality of oil they use is very less to disturb your weight loss process. Now you can see the details of the menu card and the rates offered at this place.

KFC Fortress Menu Card:

Before visiting a place you need to check the menu card first. According to your budget, you have to select the food items to eat. Now you can see that they have every kind of item for your guys. Like when you are with kids then they will also surely love to have the food from this place. After enjoying the shopping you can then eat the food from here.

Everyday Value

Krunch Burger RS 195
Rice and Spice RS 270
Chicken and Rice Rs 270
Zingeratha RS 270
Krunch Burger with Drink RS 270
Bone and Boneless RS 275
Krunch Combo RS 375
Chicken and Chips RS 395
Krunch Chicken Combo RS 435
3 Pcs chicken RS 435

Make It a Meal

Twister RS 350
Zinger RS 470
Zinger Stacker RS 490
Kentucky RS 490
Mighty Zinger RS 595

Signature Boxes

Crispy Box RS 495
Boneless Box RS 540
Wow Box RS 775
Crispy Duo Box RS 950
Xtreme Duo Box RS 1175


Value Bucket RS 1295
Family Festival 1 RS 1495
Family Festival 2 RS 1695
Family Bucket RS 1725
Family Festival 3 RS 1895


Tangy Masala Wings 8 pcs RS 390
Mingle Bucket RS 420
Saucy Wings RS 390
French Fries RS 190
French Fries Bucket RS 290
Hot Shots 9 Pcs RS 300
Snack Bucket RS 420
Hot Wings 10 Pcs RS 440
6 Pcs Nuggets RS 310
9 Pcs Nuggets RS 400
Chicky Meal 1 RS 370
Chicky Meal 2 RS 370
1 Chicken Piece RS 200
Coleslaw RS 50
Corn on the COB RS 150
Drink RS 90

Midnight Deals

Midnight Deal 1 RS 375
Midnight Deal 2 RS 460
Midnight Deal 3 RS 560


KFC Fortress Deals:

The deals are also available at this place. Like when there is a shortage of money and you cant have physical money with you. Then you can avail of the discount through your cards. Different back account cards offer different deals. For this, you need to check some of the discounted deals on our website.

KFC HBL Mobile Deal KFC Meezan Bank deal KFC UBL UnionPay Card Deal

KFC Fortress Specialty:

Talking about the specialty of this place then you will surely love to have the bucket of fried pieces. This will be enough for the appetite of you and your partner.

KFC Fortress Contact Number:

For the knowledge of opening and closing times of the restaurant, you need to call them and then ask for it.

KFC Fortress Address:

As we have already told you that this place is in Fortress stadium in front of Joyland. The complete address is also mentioned on the below side.

Shop No. 17, Bridge Market, Fortress Stadium، Saddar Town, Lahore, Punjab

KFC Fortress Location:

The location is shared here you can go to the lace and then enjoy the food while having fun with your friends.

Birthday Places In Fortress Lahore

We have tried to share the details about KFC Fortress Stadium, when you have no idea where to rush with your friends then this KFC should be your priority. Here you will get the updated menu rates. But still, it could be vary without any consent.

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