Today we are sharing the menu of the world-famous bakery of Lahore. We are talking about Khalifa Bakers Lahore and you can check the complete Khalifa Bakers Lahore Menu from here. As you know there are different websites that are offering home delivery service of Khalifa Bakers Lahore’s products. You need to know that this place doesn’t have its delivery system so if you want to order online then you will order through any third party. That is the only reason that mostly these websites are charging high prices. On the below side, we are sharing the real menu and real rates of this bakery. So, next time when you order you need to convince them to not charge high prices.

Khalifa Bakers Lahore Menu

Khalifa Bakers Lahore is one of the oldest and most famous bakeries which is located in the heart of walled city Lahore. This place is famous for its special almond Nan Khatai. So, if you are looking for the best Nan khatai in Lahore then there is no comparison of Khalifa Nan Khatai Lahore. You can check its menu from the below side.

Khalifa Bakers Menu Lahore:

This place is charging very economical prices but when people order online they pay higher prices as compared to real or actual prices. We have shared the latest Khalifa Bakers menu in Lahore for our beloved customers so that you can say your money by visiting this place instead of ordering online.

Almond Khatai RS 900 per Kg
Sada Khatai RS 600 per Kg
Cake Rusk RS 750 per Kg
Rusk RS 150 per Kg
Butter Bakar Khani RS 750 per Kg
Mix Biscuit RS 550 per Kg
Special Biscuit RS 750 per Kg
Cream Cake RS 350 per pound
Almond Cake RS 350 per pound
Pastries RS 60 per piece
French Hearts RS 750 per Kg
Butter Sweets RS 900 per Kg
Chocolate Sweets RS 900 per Kg
Hard Nougat (Pateesa) RS 900 per Kg


The specialty of Khalifa Bakers Lahore is their special Almond Khatai. People from all across the country love to eat Khalifa Bakers special nan khatai. Apart from this, you can also try their butter sweet also known as Makhan toffee.

Contact Number:

Khalifa Bakers Lahore Contact number is as follows.



This place is located near Das Kulcha Lahore. Here is the complete address of this place.

Chohata Mufti Bakqar Chowk، Lahore, 54000, Pakistan


If you are visiting for the first time then you need to follow the map because you will not be able to find this place in the narrow streets of Androon Lahore.

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