All of you can now check Kuzgun Ramadan deals from here. The Mediterranean Extravaganza opens its doors in DHA Phase 5 Lahore bringing you the most elegant experience ever. Likewise, this place has also introduced different sehri deals that are valid from midnight till sehri. They also have started a home delivery service for the ease of the customer. So, if the sudden guests have arrived for iftar then you can also order any of the deals from Kuzgun Restaurant. For its complete details, you can check the below side.

Kuzgun Ramadan Deals

Kuzgun is one of the best Pakistani restaurants which offers a variety of cuisines. What they deliver is worth every bite. You can get your favorite meal delivered from Kuzgun. During the holiest month of Ramadan, you can visit this place for Iftar, but due to the eleventh hour, you can just take away the food from the restaurant. Apart from their deals, they also have a separate menu that is only valid during the month of Ramadan is also shared here.

Kuzgun Sehri Platter:

The Sehri Platter of this restaurant is the right meal you’d want to binge on for your midnight feasts in the Sehri time. So they have tried to keep the complete check of hygiene for the customers. As the Kuzgun is the elegant dine-in place for the taste of royals. Ramadan Timings are 5 PM to 4:30 AM.

Kuzgun Sehri

Kuzgun Iftar Platter:

Relish the festivities of Ramadan with enticing Sehri & Iftari platters from Kuzgun. Iftar Platter is the Serves for Two persons. And you will be served with Dates as complimentary on the Iftar platter. The platter is just Available on Reservation only. The rate of the platter is Rs. 2950.

Kuzgun Iftar

What A Paratha Ramadan Deals

Head out to Kuzgun Ramadan Deals you will also come to know about the Sehri platter and also the Iftar Platter from here. From starters to main courses, the platters are the perfect pick for two persons. Don’t forget to check the information about other restaurants from here.

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