A Theme restaurant, Fit for a King. A Restaurant Adorned with courtesy of Mughal era. Here we have shared the details about Lal Qila Restaurant Karachi Ramadan Deals. They offer you to dine out authentic Mughlai, Tandori, and Live BBQ. A restaurant depicting the legendary noble past. All the way a combination and innovation had just make the restaurant memorable and most lovable by the customers. When you want to eat some Pakistani food in your Sehri and as well in Iftar then this will be your best and the first choice. Making sure to check the details of the deal from here.

Lal Qila Restaurant Karachi Ramadan Deals

So, guys, this is not the end of the conversation. When you want to eat something spicy and have a craving for Desi and the Continental food with the touch of Mughal taste at Sehri or even at Aftari then you can order this. They have a wide range of menu for the iftar Sehri and even for the dinner after the Iftar. So don’t stop the parties even in the month of Ramadan. These parties are all possible just because of the economic prices of this restaurant.

Lal Qila Restaurant Iftar Deals:

You will get 25 to 40 % discounts on the deals during the month of Ramadan. Just order the food from here and then there is no need to sweat during fasting in front of the stoves. Just have to order the food and then enjoy it with your family. You can also go there and then enjoy the ambiance of this place in the month of blessings.

Lalqila Iftar box Lalqila iftar deal

Lal Qila Restaurant Sehri Deals:

As they have some of the frozen items so make sure to order the food and then fry the delicious items at home. So at very reasonable prices, you will get the many parathas and the nuggets samosas for their valuable customers.

Lal Qila Restaurant Sehri Deals

Lal Qila Restaurant Iftar Buffet:

Some of you can’t resist themselves to eat dinner after having the Iftar. Then for them, they have the best Iftar buffet that works for you as a dinner. Having a look at the below images about the menu and the prices. For further details of the Lal Qila Restaurant Karachi, you have to click on the link.

lalqila iftar buffet deal lalqila iftar buffet

Lal Qila Restaurant Karachi Iftar Dinner:

Mostly people want to have some extra dinner food after Iftari. So you can surely have ifter dinner buffet from here. Here we have shared the details in the below section. Now you can see the details from here.

Lalqila iftar dinner cards Lalqila iftar dinner card Lalqila iftar dinner menu Lalqila iftar dinner

Burger Shack Ramadan Deals

Here you can get the information about Lal Qila Restaurant Karachi Ramadan Deals from here. We have also mentioned many deals of other restaurants then you search all the Ramadan deals from here.

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