Laung Laachi Cafe Johar Town is an open-air Cafe with tons of activities around, which mainly serves tea along with a variety of specialty sandwiches, steaks, parathas, etc. All the fast food is available at this place just order the food after checking the menu card. You can now see the updated menu card of Laung Laachi. At this café, it will be guaranteed the value of the food at a minimal cost. The taste and the freshness are also selling with a guarantee. To see the menu and the rates from here.

Laung Laachi Cafe Johar Town

Laung Laachi Cafe is an ideal spot for those who need to eat delicious food. This restaurant is the first of its sort that is offering a wide range of fast food items. They have an assortment of dishes, that will expand your appetite.

Laung Laachi Café Menu Card:

On the menu card, you will be able to get the tasty and the lower rate fast food items. From Pizza to burgers, and other fried items are accessible at this spot. They have delicious food items that are not accessible at some other café. See the menu and the costs from the below side.

Laung Laachi Cafe Menu image Laung Laachi Cafe Menu cards Laung Laachi Cafe Menus Laung Laachi Cafe Menu card Laung Laachi Cafe Menu

Laung Laachi Deals:

Now, this restaurant has offered any kind of deals on different occasions. Like In Ramadan many iftar deals are available. Or on valentine’s occasion, you will be able to have the couple deals.

Laung Laachi Couple deal

Laung Laachi Birthday Celebration:

Make your events special with Laung Karachi’s special decors. Now you can see different ideas for the decoration. Just visit them and make your day memorable.

Laung laachi birthday

Laung Laachi Images:

On some different occasions, this place offers Qawali night for the customers. The live singing make a unique vibe of the restaurant. Now see the vibe from the below-given images.

Laung Laachi Cafe

Laung Laachi Contact Number:

You can call on the numbers and then ask for the timing.

0304 4632878

Laung Laachi Address:

The address is shared here for you guys.

910 R1, Johar Town Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan-56000

Laung Laachi Location:

Now see the location and visit the restaurant in no time.

Shaigan Tikka Johar Town

When you want to see the details of Laung Laachi Cafe Johar Town then this website has all the required information for you. If you still want something more then can ask in the comment section. We will update the information soon.

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