Today we are sharing Lehri Sajji House Quetta Menu Prices with the Sajji lovers. Balochi Sajji is world-famous. People from all across the world when comes to Pakistan they usually try Balochi sajji. If you also want to try Balochi Sajji and you are in Quetta then you can try Lehri Sajji House Quetta. Their Chicken and mutton sajji will make you fall in love with the food. For complete menu and prices, you can check the below side where we have shared the details of the menu with prices. Further, you can find its contact number and complete address with pin location too.

Lehri Sajji House Quetta Menu

Lehri Sajji House Quetta is one of the best places for Sajji in Quetta. At this place, you can find both the chicken Sajji and Mutton Sajji. They don’t use extra spices and cook in the real recipe of Balochi Sajji.

Lehri Sajji House Menu Quetta:

Those who want to visit this place to dine in can only have Sajji. They have mutton sajji, chicken sajji, and much more. Check the complete Lehri Sajji House Menu Quetta from the below images and decide to visit this place for a fine dining experience.

Lehri Sajji House Quetta Photos:

This place has a Hujra style sitting. You can check Lehri Sajji House Quetta Photos from the below side and can decide to visit this place for pure Balochi food.

Lehri Sajji House Quetta Photos Lehri Sajji House Quetta Photos 1 Lehri Sajji House Quetta Photos 2 Lehri Sajji House Quetta Photos 3

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Lehri Sajji House Quetta Specialty is their special mutton and chicken Sajji. They cook Sajji in a traditional way which is a Khadda system. They cook on a normal flame so the meat remains juicy and flavorful. Must try their special mutton Sajji or Khada Dumba.

Contact Number:

If you want to give an order on the phone then you can call on Lehri Sajji House Quetta Contact number. We are sharing the contact number where you can call and book your whole mutton before visiting. It is compulsory to book if you want to try special mutton Sajji for the group because it takes up to 5 hours to cook. So, check their contact number which is as follows.

0333 7919781


The complete address of Lehri Sajji House Quetta is as follows.

Sirki Rd, Block 2-3 Satellite Town, Quetta, Balochistan


Check the above address and visit this place. If you are not finding this place then use the below-given google maps to find the pin location of this place.

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For more details of Lehri Sajji House Quetta Menu Prices, you can call on their contact numbers. Check other restaurants near this place that are offering Balochi Sajji from this website.

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