Are you a Desi lover! What’s more, looking for a desi restaurant. At that point have a look at Mann O Salva Restaurant Sheikhupura Menu. This place is the most ideal choice for you all. You can get the best desi food from here. The climate of this eatery is magnificent. Desi mix in the climate and the taste make food yummier. Talk about the flavor of this café, so they have the best at any point taste. When you taste their food you will visit this place off and on for their food. You can likewise get the desired food from here. Simply call them at their contact number and submit your request. The eatery will convey your request in only 30 to 40 minutes.

Mann O Salva Restaurant Sheikhupura Menu

Mann O Salva Restaurant is a place where you will get all the desired items. Now you can check the details from here about the contact number and the address from here. The name of this place had made its own standard by providing the best food in town. So once in your life, you have to must visit this restaurant.

Mann O Salva Restaurant Menu Prices:

They have a vast range of food items on the menu card. All the items have mentioned here along with the prices on the menu card. You can get the best ever Desi food from here. Not only the desi items you will also get the Chinese food items from here. The specialty of this place is the BBQ items that are the most loved dish.

Mann O Salva Restaurant Menu Prices 1 Mann O Salva Restaurant Menu Prices 2 Mann O Salva Restaurant Menu Prices 3Mann O Salva Restaurant Menu Prices

Mann O Salva Restaurant Specialty:

If we talk about the special taste of this place. So their special dish is Mann O Salva Rajhistani boti. Must try this dish because they have the finger-licking taste. The yummiest dish in town is waiting for you. The ingredients and the ratio of the spices double up the taste of all the dishes they have.

Mann O Salva Restaurant Specialty

Mann O Salva Restaurant Photos:

See the images from here, you will realize that the restaurant is for both the friends and the family gathering.

Mann O Salva Restaurant Photos

Contact Number:

The number is shared here, call them and then confirm the timing form here.



The complete address is shared here along with the location for your easiness.

Sheikhupura Bypass, Sheikhupura, Punjab


AFC Sheikhupura Menu

Have a look at the details about Mann O Salva Restaurant Sheikhupura Menu prices location address contact number and photos. Make a plan with your friends or even with the family to enjoy the meal. Check the other menu prices from here of all the restaurants.

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