Now we are talking about Marvelous Pizza House, a restaurant that has recently opened but now got fame due to their unique idea?. If you feel hungry and your budget is also very low then must visit this pizza house. Due to this pizza house, you can see Deadpool or spiderman in front of your house holding your pizza. Yes, this is the unique way of sending pizza and happiness at the same time. The taste of Pizza is very unique. So now you can also see some other kind of funny information about this restaurant from here.

Marvelous Pizza House

Introducing Marvelous Pizzas to the customers. The Hand-tossed thin crusty goodness from New York to Lahore. This restaurant is one of the best pizza restaurants. To know about the flavors of this pizza you can just see the below-given details.

Marvelous Pizza Menu Card:

Large, Small, and Medium pizzas all are available in this house. The taste of the Pizza is very delicious that can’t be even beat by any other restaurant. If you visit this place then the restaurant’s taste and the environment make your day memorable.

marvelous pizza menu card marvelous pizza menu

Marvelous Pizza Deals:

Brace your taste buds to exciting flavors at the best prices every Monday and Tuesday with the Summer Savior Deals. in Deal 1 you will be able to get 2 x 13′ inch Cheese Burst Crust Pizza for Rs. 1550/- only. And for Deal 2 you can get 2 x 13′ inch Hand-Tossed Pizza for Rs. 1450/- only.

marvelous pizza menu

Marvelous Pizza Specialty:

Have you tried the food of superheroes? Order it today and you will be able to see your favorite hero in front of your house. Say goodbye to midnight munchies forever. The Midnight Mayhem Deals are here to rescue you.

marvelous images

Marvelous Pizza Images:

Here we have the proof that how you guys can get the delivery from your favorite ones. Just see the images from here and you will get solid prove about your dreams coming true.

Marvelous Pizza Contact Number:

The number is shared here call them and then ask for the delivery at home and then see your dream hero in front of you holding your pizza.

0311 4333911

Marvelous Pizza Address:

For the address, you can see the complete address.

Banker’s Society Commercial Area, Adjacent to Karak Khel and Salt N Pepper Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Marvelous Pizza Location:

Make sure to see the link of the location from the below side.

Karak Khel Lahore Menu

All the details of Marvelous Pizza House can be seen at this place. Now you guys can also ask for some other details in the comment section. The details of this article will also be updated according to the question you will ask.

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