After preparing Matka tea, Matka Tea now it is time for Matka Pizza Lahore. Yes, you heard it right now you can truly have the Matka Pizza. When you got bored with the same style of pizza then you can surely have the Pot Pizza. Something cheesy and the tasty item is just waiting for your Ichra. There are a few places that offer such kinds of food items. You just have to see who is just offering Matka pizza. So the answer is that Matka pizza is just offered at Appetito. For further details, you need to see the below-given information.

Matka Pizza Lahore

Have you ever thought to eat pizza with a spoon? If not then now you have to eat it with a spoon. Because in Matka Pizza you need to use a spoon. In this recipe, the food is cooked by putting the ingredients in a pot and then cooked in the fire. After a lot of heat cheese melt and the ingredients got cooked. See the information about the restaurant that is offering Matka pizza.

Matka Pizza:

As we will here talk about the places that just started offering Matka pizza on their menu card. So in Lahore currently there are two restaurants that offer Matka Pizza.

  • Appetito
  • Hot & Spicy Food Studio


Appetito is a newly launched Fast Food Restaurant, offering scrumptious burgers, mouthwatering Pizzas, wraps, and much more. You will just find Matka Pizza from this place in different sizes. Small, medium, and then large are the standard sizes. The rates are really low. Just see the details of Appetito Restaurant from here.


Hot & Spicy Food Studio:

Another place that is just offering this tasty Matka pizza to the customer is Hot & Spicy Food Studio. For the rates and the other available items, you need to see the link that is provided here. Click on the link and then have the details menu card along with the updated rates.

Hot & Spicy food studio

The Sweet Factory Lahore

Here we have uploaded all the details of Matka Pizza Lahore. A new introduction in the chain of the fast-food item. You must have to try the food and then share your reviews in the comment section. We will upload it for others. Tell us that was the taste and the style is worthy or not?

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