Nisar Charsi Tikka, named after the highest peak in Afghanistan. This is the latest addition to Lahore’s vibrant food culture. Now you can check Nisar Charsi Ramadan Deals from here. It is simply a restaurant serving the best in all manners. When it comes to the best Iftar Sehri treat with your friends. Then you can never compare any deal with a buffet from here. Nisar Charsi has also introduced many interesting deals at a very lower rate. Customers who want to visit this place during the month of Ramadan can easily check the details from here.

Nisar Charsi Ramadan Deals

One of the best Pakistani restaurants which are giving you the real and authentic taste of Afghanistan. This place always offers the best deals to the customers. Especially during the month of Ramadan you can take the food at home and can enjoy it with your family. Here is the complete detail of the deals that are offering to this restaurant.

Nisar Charsi Sehri Deals:

Just Take Away Deals are available here. due to the COVID-19 condition, there are strict policies for dine-in. That is why they try to keep their customers safe, now you can enjoy the deals at your home. Till 10th Ramadan, they are offering the following deals. Rates and the quantity all are mentions in the below-given pictures.

Nisar Charsi Sehri Deals

Nisar Charsi Iftar Deals:

You can do Iftari in a traditional way at Nisar Charsi. So, if you are interested to check its Iftar menu then you can simply check Nisar charsi Menu from here.

Nisar Charsi Iftar deals

Oban Hotel Ramadan Deals

This is the complete detail of the Nisar Charsi Ramadan Deals 2021 Menu with the rates. So, if you want to book your table then you need to call on their contact number before visiting. All the details of Nisar Charsi Tikka all are available here, just by clicking on the given link.

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