While restaurants are dashing to bring dishes from across the world to Lahore. Here you will get the details of Pataka Boti Ramadan Deals. The restaurant is endeavoring to bring the dishes of Lahore, refined, consummated, made with adoration, out to the world. This city has been home to our family for seven ages, as Lahore developed. Its food range extended as well, growing out hearts and out formula books. Pataka Boti is an undertaking to serve food that has remained in our family spreading over many years. Food which incorporates taste from different practices becoming home to this city and moving blissfully to interesting tunes in our mouth.

Pataka Boti Ramadan Deals

Pataka Boti is an eatery run by the family, where food is ready with affection and staff is prepared with upsides of liberality and care. They trust that you will experience the glow here, on your tables, and in your souls at Pataka Boti. So just give a chance to Pataka Boti for your Ramadan service.

Pataka Boti Iftar Platter:

The  Sehri and Iftaar deal prepared with love, care, and caution. So just please place your order Sehri orders by 3 am and Iftaar orders by 5 pm so the yummy goes in your tummy on time. A complete platter for your iftar appetite is just in RS 860. Have the food of your own choice at your favorite place.

Pataka boti iftari

Pataka Boti Sehri Platter:

Here we have presented you with the tasty sehri platter. Different sehri deals are just available here at different rates. So must visit this place and then have fun with your loved ones.

Pataka Boti Ramadan Deals

PF Chang’s Ramadan Deals

Now the details of Pataka Boti Ramadan Deals 2022 are just shared here. A blessing month is ready to shower its blessing on Muslims. So now it is up to you guys from where you are going to have tasty Iftar or Sehri platters.

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