A picnic place under star can be experienced at Patli Galli Lahore. You can check Patli Galli Restaurant Lahore Menu prices from this website and can decide whether to visit this place or not. Basically, the Patli Galli is a shared space of three restaurants. These three pop up restaurants serves every person and every mood according to different taste. You can also celebrate small events like your birthday or birthday of your loved one at this place. We have shared the complete menu with the price so that you can decide what to eat at this place. We also have shared the contact number so that if you want to get your food delivery at your doorstep in Askari 11 Lahore.

Patli Galli Lahore Menu

Patli Galli Lahore is a place where you can visit with your friends and family. You can try different cuisine with a great environment. You are welcome to celebrate your birthdays at this place too. So, for a great environment, you can visit this place.

Patli Galli Menu:

Patli Galli Lahore is a shared place of three different restaurants including Basanti, Project TK, and WokStar. These three restaurants have their own menu. You can check Patli Galli Lahore Menu from the below side.

Basanti Restaurant Lahore Menu:

As I mentioned Patli Galli is the combination of three different restaurants including Basanti Lahore. If you want to check Basanti Restaurant Lahore Menu then you can check it from the below side.

Basanti Restaurant Lahore Menu

Project TK Menu:

You can also check the complete Project TK Menu with prices. This place is serving the best food with elegant taste. You can get a special discount on their entire menu.

Project TK Menu

WokStar Menu:

One of these three restaurants, you can also check the Wokstar menu with the price. Their special food is best for the young generation. So enjoy tasty food at an economical price.

WokStar Menu

Patli Galli Lahore Contact Number:

You can check Patli Galli Lahore Contact Number from the below side.

0300 6777530


The complete address of this place is given on the below side.

Block A Park View CHS, Lahore, Punjab


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You can share your experience if you have tried Patli Galli Lahore Menu. In case, if you want to get more details about these restaurants then simply comment on the below side. Also, check other restaurants near this place and decide where to go this week for dinner.

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