There is good news for those who are looking for Pizza Hut EID Offer 2022 in Pakistan. Pizza Hut offers different deals on different occasions as they have recently introduced Pizza Hut Ramadan Deals during the blessing month of Ramadan. On Eid, they have decided to provide maximum discounts through their latest Eid deals that you can check from the below side. We are sharing the complete details of these EID deals that you can check by scrolling down. The benefit of these deals is getting a special discount that you can compare the price of the deal with a single pizza price.

Pizza Hut EID Offer 2022

On this EID, you can give a special treat to your friends or family with Pizza Hut. They have different EID deals for individuals, couples, and families. So, either you want to order Pizza for yourself or for your family, you can order any of the Pizza Hut EID Deals 2022. So, check the complete details of these deals from the below side.

Pizza Hut EID Deals 2022:

Like every year, you can avail special discount from this Pizza point in this year. They have introduced different Pizza Hut EID Deals 2022 for their beloved customers. So, if you are interested in these deals then you can simply avail these offers by visiting this place. These deals are valid for takeaways, and car thru. If the lockdown will not impose on eid and the government will allow dine-in then it will also be available on dine-in too. Here are some of the deals of this place.

Pizza Hut EID Doubles Deal:

On this EID, you can avail Pizza Hut EID doubles deal by visiting this place. You can also order this deal from home by using their website or helpline. In this deal, you will get 2 large pizzas and 2 drinks for just RS 2499. This is a limited-time deal and only available on three days of EID.

Pizza Hut EID Offer 2021

Pizza Hut Banks Discounts:

In case if you are not interested in the above deal or you don’t need two large pizzas then you can avail Pizza Hut Banks discounts through your debit or credit cards. We are sharing the details of cards which are offering up to 50% off. So, check your favorite bank and its discount from Pizza Hut.

60% Off with Habib Metro:

On this EID, if you really want to enjoy eidi then you can visit Pizza Hut with a Habib metro card and can avail up to 60% off on the standard Menu. You can order any of your favorite Pizza with Habib Metro debit or credit card and can get up to 60% off.

Habib Metro Pizza Hut EiD Offer

HBL Bank:

The HBL customers can get a special Pizza Hut deal worth 3038 in just RS 1544. In this deal, you will get 2 medium Pizzas, 1.5L drinks, and 4 pc garlic bread. So, isn’t it a good treat? This deal is also valid on EID. For complete details, you can visit the below link.

Pizza Hut HBL Deals 2022

Meezan Bank:

Don’t worry if you don’t have an HBL debit or credit card because you can avail of a special 20% discount on your favorite pizza with a Meezan debit or credit card. For more details about this special deal, you can check the below link.

Pizza Hut Meezan Debit Card Deals

These are the deals and discounts that you can avail of on this EID. So, if you have any queries about Pizza Hut EID Offer 2022 then you can ask through comments. We will answer your questions as soon as possible. For other deals in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, or any other city of Pakistan, you can scroll down or can visit the main page of this website.

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