Here we will provide you the best restaurant information in the town. Now you will be able to see about Pizza peddler Lahore Menu rates and much more. Some new dishes are added to enhance the taste of the customers. There are a few restaurants that focus on both fields like the taste and the ambiance of the place. So, for them, Pizza Peddler is the best option. You can visit this place, eat the food and then can also enjoy with your friends at a single time. We have uploaded all the details on the below side.

Pizza Peddler Lahore Menu

If we talk about the fame of this restaurant, then they have introduces the best Deep dish pan pizza. Apart from pizza they have also many other kinds of food items. You can just see the information about the menu card and the rates from the below side.

Pizza Peddler Menu Card:

From this world-renowned restaurant, you will get tasty food. All the food items are made from fresh ingredients and spices that are used up to the mark. So you can see the details of the food items from this place.

pizza peddler menu

Pizza Peddler Specialty:

Here is the special item of this restaurant and the name is Deep dish pizza. In this food item, they use a lot of cheese and other spices that make it tastier. You can see the tempting photos from here. Apart from this, you can also taste other dishes from this place.

Pizza peddler

Pizza Peddler Deals:

The restaurant offers many different kinds of deals to their customers. You will get ESR discounts on the dishes. For further information, you can check the given below details.

Pizza Peddler Contact Number:

The number of the restaurant is shared here you can call them and can also ask for the home delivery option.

0321 1107262

Pizza Peddler Address:

Here is the complete address of the Pizza Peddler you can visit them and then can enjoy with your buddies.

PIA Road Johar Town

Pizza Peddler Location:

The exact Google pin map location is provided here.

Karachi Red Rock Johar Town

Pizza Peddler Lahore Menu details are mentioned here. Not only the menu but also the rates, special deals, and even the contact details are available here. You can see the other restaurants that offer deep-dish pizza from this website.

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