Muslims are not allowed to eat or drink anything from sunrise to sunset. But here we will discuss Ramadan Dishes in Pakistan. This includes water, food, and even breath. Muslims are also encouraged to spend time in prayer and charity. During Ramadan in Pakistan, many special Ramadan dishes are often served as part of a traditional meal. Many of these dishes are made with spices and ingredients that are specific to Ramadan. Some of the most popular Ramadan dishes are shared here.

Ramadan Dishes In Pakistan

Iftar is the pre-dinner meal that Muslims have before the fasting month of Ramadan. The meal is usually served after sunset and is usually made up of three main dishes. iftar sampler, main course, and dessert. Sehri time Muslims also demand tasty food. Many people in Pakistan don’t know what to order at an Iftar, as there are so many different options. Here are some of the most popular Iftar and Sehri dishes in Pakistan.

An Ultimate Ramadan Food Guide:

Ramadan is a time for Muslims to get closer to God by fasting and praying. Ramadan also celebrates the revelation of the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad. Many delicious dishes are eaten during Ramadan, and below are the best dishes. What food varieties are generally well-known during Ramadan? You’ll observe that each nation and area has a specific delicacy delighted in by its kin. In any case, there are a couple of most loved Ramadan food varieties that have become staples across the globe. Underneath, you’ll observe a collection of tasty dishes and refreshments that are appreciated during Ramadan.


Muslims just want to open their fast with dates. Dates have such a nearby relationship with Ramadan on account of an instruction of the Prophet Muhammad, who said, “When one of you is fasting, he ought to break his quick with dates; however on the off chance that he can’t get any, then he ought to break his fast with water, for water is purging.” The date was one of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) and most wanted food things. Accordingly, numerous Muslims today consume dates not simply during Ramadan but also throughout the whole year.


Fruit Chaat:

A bowl is full of cut fruits with some seasonings. Customarily, in Pakistan, natural product chaat, a kind of flavored natural product salad, is made with apples, oranges, bananas, and guava, if they are in season. With some chat masala, it will become tastier and more tempting.

fruit chat

Channa Chaat:

Chana chaat is a scrumptious, tart, and simple assortment of chaat nibbles made with white chickpeas. You will also get some flavors, spices, onions, tomatoes, and lemon in it. This chaat rushes to collect assuming you have canned or extra bubbled chickpeas.

chana chat

Dahi Bhalla:

A bowl of yogurt and other ingredients. Usually, people in Ramadan can’t resist this Dahi bHally dish. Dahi Bhalla is for the most part made uniquely with lenticel. While Dahi Bhalla has some moong lentils including making the Bhalla. A few renditions of Dahi Bhalla additionally have a few chickpeas added to them. Some salad items are also added to make it more unique and healthier.

dahi bhala


Pakora is a flavored squander beginning from the subcontinent, sold by road sellers and served in caf├ęs. It comprises of things, frequently vegetables, for example, potatoes and onions, covered in prepared gram flour hitter and fried.



A samosa is a seared or prepared with an appetizing filling, including fixings like flavored potatoes, onions, and peas. It might take various structures, including three-sided, cone, or half-moon shapes, depending upon the area. Samosas are frequently joined by chutney and have beginnings in bygone eras or prior.



Kachori is a tasty dish like Samosa. So if you want to have a heavy dish but tasty then Kachori must be your favorite one. So for iftar, you will just have to eat these Kachoris.



Usually, people prepare kebabs for their Iftar. And the remaining kebabs could be eaten during the time of Sehri with paratha. So when you are fasting you will get so many dishes to break your fast.


Rooh Afza:

In Pakistan, there is a national drink used Rooh Afza. This is a refreshing drink that will be used as the main item while opening the fast in Ramadan. It can be used with water or with milk. So when you are fasting you need to prepare rooh afza drink.

rooh afza

Doodh Soda:

Usually, people prepare Doodh soda, A drink that is prepared while using milk and 7up or sprite. This is also considered a refreshing drink in the scorching heat. To see the complete list and then decide what are you going to cook for your next Roza.

doodh soda

Ramadan Calendar 2022

We have tried to tell you the best possible details of Ramadan Dishes in Pakistan. Now you can surely cook these kinds of items and also you can surely order these items from famous restaurants. So just see other tasty items and the famous places in Pakistan from the main page of Menu Prices.

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