A very hot topic has just started: how you can do Ran Roast in Lahore on Bakra Eid. So here we will discuss how you can roast your Ran. There are a few restaurants that make this thing easy and just give you your meat roasted. Basically, a season of mutton and beef has started everyone want to eat the best style of food prepared from beef and mutton. If you are also one of those then you need to check the complete list from here. A list of restaurants is provided here that will give you the services to do Ran roast.

Ran Roast In Lahore On Bakra EID

As you all know, this is the summer season, so ladies will get tired of doing work in front of the stove. So for their easiness restaurants just started to give this kind of services. Now just bring your Ran and then leave it on the counter of these restaurants. They will prepare the meat for you and then you just need to enjoy it with your family. Have a look on the below side of the restaurants that are just providing these services.

Ran Roast In Lahore 2022:

As people of Lahore just love to eat spicy food, so now this is the place from where you can see the details. Just scroll down and then have the complete list of restaurants offering the Roasted Raan at a very lower rate.

Indigo Hotel:

Let them give you a chance to cook for you. On this Eid, you will Bring your meat and avail the special chef’s Ran roast recipes. The Price of the Ran roast is very reasonable and that is 525+tax/kg.  So why not see the complete details of the Indigo Hotel from here.

Indigo Hotel

Butt Karahi:

Lahore is the place where all the foodies just love the blend of spices. So Butt Karahi is the place where you will be able to get the best blend of fresh ingredients and spices. Butt Karahi is one of the oldest eateries in Lahore, serving the most exotic cuisines. So now you can roast your Goat Ran or Cow Ran from this place. They will make the best food for you. You can also check the other details about Butt Karahi from here.

Butt Karahi Ran Roast

Nadeem Tikka:

Raan Roast on the occasion of Eid ul Azha. You can also prepare the Barbeque from this restaurant. Now enjoy the Lunch Cum Hi-Tea Buffet on the days of Eid. For Booking Reservation or information Regarding Birthday Décor or Anything Else Call Now without Hesitation on the numbers. Further details are available on the link of Nadeem Tikka.

Nadeem Tikka Ran Roast

New Mr. Chapata:

New Mr. Chapata has now open in your area. Just avail the chance to get your Ran Roasted. The restaurant is situated near Nasheman-Iqbal Housing Society Near Victoria Super Store Lahore. Ran Roast special offer 430/KG. The rate can be changed but you can call on the number given in the image and can confirm the rates.

New Mr Chapata Ran roast

Hadi’s Catering:

Super quality ran roast services are available at this place. Now you can book your Ran Roast in advance. Book it now in just RS 350/- Because it will be Rush and charges would be increases on EID day. So just book it now for the 4th Biggest catering company names Hadi’s Catering.

Hadis Catering Ran roast


Kaka Gurda Champ:

The only place of Fresh & Hygienic Taka Tak, BBQ, Karahi, Sajji, Tawa Karahi, Tawa Qeema & Many Many More. On eid days you can just roast the meat from here. The rates are mentioned here visit the place and then give your Raan. Further details about kaka Gurda Champ are provided here.

KAKa gurda champ

Yasir Broast:

Yasir Broast is a family restaurant that aims to provide quality desi food with pure ingredients along with a pleasant atmosphere. The specialty is Chicken & Mutton items. Now you can take your Ran to the restaurant and they will prepare it for you. Just see the Yasir Broast details from here.
Yasir broast

Nisar Charsi Tikka:

You can also visit Nisar Charsi tikka to get roasted your meat. The rates can be confirmed by calling on the numbers. The details are shared on the link. Just click on the link and the details will be in a fort of you. EIther than visiting the website you can call on the numbers.

Nisar charsi

Charsi Tikka:

Eid has arrived and now you can just roast your meat. the seasons of beef and mutton have started. everyone wants to eat unique kinds of dishes and all want to have the food they have never tried. then you can try the Charsi Tikkaroasted Raan. If they cannot share the recipe with you then you can take your Raan to them and then they will prepare it for you.

Charsi tikka ran

Charsi Tikka Johar Town Menu

Shaheen Shinwari:

Pakistan where taste and originality elegantly combine to offer you some rare spectacles. Located in a busy district, the sparkling environment will fill you with wonder. Imagine an experience created to meet your every desire taste, where you are much more than a name. A place where service is not just a word it is a way of serving responsibly. So when it comes to Shaheen Shinwari then they will never disappoint you. Just call them and book the ran to be roasted by them.


A few restaurants are here that will never disappoint their customers. And Qabail is one of them so you can truly trust them. Call on the numbers and then have the details about the Raan and the roast or even the full mutton roast rates.

Qabail Restaurant MM Alam Road Menu

Zara’s Kitchen:

On This Eid ul Adha, you can just enjoy the taste of best Ran ever. Make your taste buds fresh with spicy and tender Ran Roast at Zara’s Kitchen and enjoy the variety of flavors and spices. The rates of the restaurant are reasonable so you can surely taste the best food with your loves ones.

Zaras kitchen

Here we will answer the most awaited question about where you can do Ran Roast in Lahore on Bakra EID? This is the hottest question nowadays, the answer is here for you. If there is any further query then you may ask in the comment section we will update the information as soon as possible. You can see us on Pinterest.

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