The restaurant was designed keeping in view the rich Heritage & Culture of Punjab. Salt N Pepper Village Restaurant Karachi Ramadan Deals. While the quality of food and service is very high, they have the best atmosphere of the traditional city is maintained. Through this restaurant, they have pioneered in Pakistan a unique style of presentation which they call the Live Buffet. Where most of the food is cooked in front of the guests. It makes this restaurant an ideal place for a culinary adventure through the tantalizing tastes of the rich Pakistani cuisine. In Ramadan, you will also get such exciting dishes for your craving.

Salt N Pepper Village Restaurant Karachi Ramadan Deals

The restaurant has the honor to host many dignitaries including the late Lady Diana, Late Benazir Bhutto, and Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. So you can just assume the standard of this place in your mind. All Ramadan you can truly love the taste of this place. The place is just beautiful so you will forget the fatigue here just by enjoying the ambiance. Make sure to check the details from here.

Salt N Pepper Village Iftar Buffet:

When you want to enjoy the Iftar cum dinner buffet then they have a very economical buffet for you guys. Check the whole menu of the buffet from here and then enjoy the food after the fasting of the whole day.

Salt N Pepper Village Iftar Buffet

Salt N Pepper Village Sehri Buffet:

As the specialty of this place is the live Buffet so they have also offered it in the month of Ramadan. Now make see the food preparing in front of you and then enjoy it with your companions. All the details are shared here for your easiness.

Salt N Pepper Village Sehri Buffet

Is It Worthy To visit Salt N Pepper?

People who are looking for the reviews of others can visit this place because this place is offering an iftar cum buffet. From Iftar to 9 pm, you can eat dozens of dishes with your loved ones. So, if you are going to invite your family to Iftar then, we will recommend you to bring them to this restaurant in Karachi.

Fri-chicks Ramadan Deals

Have a look at the Salt N Pepper Village Restaurant Karachi Ramadan Deals here. Make sure to check the other information from the main page of this website. There are many other branches of Salt N Pepper so you can see the details from here. Find us on Pinterest

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