Sialkot is a city in Punjab, Pakistan. basically here we are going to tell you about Sialkot Famous Food.  Sialkot is Pakistan’s 12th most populous city. This city is located in northeast Punjab. On the other hand, you can say the most highly industrialized region of Pakistan. The other name of Sialkot is the Golden Triangle of industrial cities. And the reason behind it is the nearby cities of Gujranwala and Gujrat, Sialkot. Not only this you will also find the people of Sialkot some kind of foodie. So if you are interested to see what you are going to eat from here is discussed here.  

Sialkot Famous Food

Here in this article, we are going to talk about the restaurant you are going to visit in Sialkot. Or we will also mention some of the street foods to eat in this city. Now here we have done our work, further is your responsibility to tell us about the other food items. If you want to share your experience then can share it with us in the comment section.  

sialkot famous food

Sialkot Famous Restauarnt: 

Here in this section, we are sharing the restaurant that you have to visit. Just visit them and then enjoy the food with your friends. Just scroll down and then check the list of the restaurant.  

  • Frangoz Café 
  • Boissons Café 
  • Taboosh Restauarnt 
  • Allah Malik Restaurant  
  • Grandiose Restaurant 

Frangoz Café: 

The best restaurant in Sialkot Pakistan. Frangoz Café is basically only about offering the very best restaurant experience possible for the valuable customers. With a five-star ambiance, they have diligently approached their customers. the only most fantastic restaurants that are giving the best customer service. SO if you want further details about Frangoz Cafe make sure to see the given link.  

Frangoz Photos

Boissons Café: 

One of the first coffee houses in Pakistan meeting international standards. They are always focused on customer satisfaction. So you can believe them in the line of taste and even in the line of ambiance. A complete range of Pakistani, Thai, Chinese, and Continental Cuisine is available at the restaurant. See the Boissons Café details from here.  

Taboosh Restaurant: 

Taboosh is basically a Chinese and Pakistani Restaurant in Sialkot, Pakistan. This place is an ideal place for those who want to spend quality time with their families. If you have a meeting with your friend after a long time and want to give them a treat then you can bring them to this place. Furthermore, Tabosh Restaurant has the best ambiance. So if you want to celebrate your birthday then you can celebrate at this restaurant.   

Taboosh Restaurant Sialkot Specialty

Allah Malik Restaurant: 

A famous restaurant located in the heart of Sialkot serving the nation with delicious & quality food. So if you want to eat the best Desi and Pakistani food then Allah Malik Restaurant should be your first and last choice. There is no better place than this restaurant.  

Allah Malak Restaurant Photos 1

Grandiose Restaurant: 

Grandiose Restaurant Sialkot is a place where you can celebrate your precious moments. This place is offering a variety of food to food lovers. If you want to check their complete menu then simply scroll down and check the details of Grandiose Restaurant.

Grandiose Restaurant Sialkot Birthday Celebration 1

Sialkot Famous Street Food: 

Most people just love to have street food. So make sure t taste the food of the street. All of the things that are mentioned below are available at a very lower rate. So when you get bored by eating in a very well place then here are some items that are available at the roadside. Make sure to see details from here. 

  • Inayat Halwa Puri 
  • Bagga Daal Chawal 
  • Gamma Pakora Center 
  • Decent Faloda 
  • Haji Gol Gappy 

All of you can now check Sialkot Famous Food either it should be the restaurant or the street food. Just eat the food with your best company. Here we have also provided much other information related to the other restaurants situated in Sialkot.  

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