Have you ever heard about Subway Fortress Stadium? So this is the restaurant where you can get the food of your own choice. A healthy food place that is a favorite of everyones. The restaurant has become the leading choice for people seeking quick, nutritious meals. All the meals that the whole family can enjoy at a very reasonable cost. From the beginning, the owner has a clear vision for the future of the brand. As they continue to grow, they are guided by passion and the encouragement of the customers. Now you can see the details from here.

Subway Fortress Stadium

Different options of food are available at Subway. If you want to eat at Subway then you can check its complete details which are as follows. The food is available as per the choice of customers. After the happy shopping, you can go to the food court and then enjoy Subway food in the square mall.

Subway Fortress Menu Card:

Here we have shared the latest prices of Subway Pakistan but still, prices may differ from time to time you can see this website which holds no responsibility for this. You can check their menu which is as follows.


Tuna Salad RS 410
Veggie Delight Salad RS 320
Bar B Q Chicken Salad RS 510
Chicken Fajita Salad RS 480
Chicken Tikka Salad RS 410
Steak And Cheese Salad RS 620
Chicken Teriyaki Salad Rs 510
Peri peri Chicken Salad RS 480
Chapli Salad RS 480

Subs 6 Inch

BBQ Chicken RS 460
Steak and cheese RS 570
Chicken Tikka RS 360
Tuna RS 360
Chicken Teriyaki RS 460
Chicken Fajita RS 430
Veggie Delight RS 270

Subs Foot Long

Chicken Tikka RS 630
Steak and Cheese RS 980
Tuna RS 630
Veggie Delight RS 380
Chicken Fajita RS 750
Chicken Peri Peri RS 750
Chicken Chapli RS 750

Panini Subs

Chicken Teriyaki Panini Sub RS 520
Chicken BBQ Panini Sub RS 520
Chicken Tandoori Panini Sub RS 500
Chicken Ranch Panini Sub RS 500
Chicken Peri Peri Panini Sub RS 500
Chicken Fajita Panini Sub RS 500


Chicken Steak RS 480


Double Meat 6 inch RS 130
Double Meat 12 Inch RS 240


Cane RS 100


Subway Fortress Deals:

For the deals, you need to check the below side. They have deals for you guys for different occasions. So now just see the images from here and then enjoy the food.

Subway Pakistan Family Fest Deal

Subway Fortress Contact Number:

Here are the contact details for those who have no idea about the timing of the place. So call them and then ask about the current deals and the timing of the place.

Subway Fortress Address:

Those who have no idea about the fortress stadium then they can check the complete address.

Fortress Square Mall, Saddar Town, Lahore, Punjab

Subway Fortress Location:

The location is shared here for you guys.

Cook N Bull Fortress Menu

The details regarding the Subway Fortress Stadium menu card and the deals is shared here. You can call them or can also check the details from here. The other branches’ details are also mentioned here. For this, you need to see the main page of the website.

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