People who love to visit modern gourmet restaurants in Karachi can visit Xander Café to try Xander Ramadan Deals. This café has introduced different Sehri and iftar deals for foodies who want to eat Xander’s food during Sehri and Iftar. The blessing month brings happiness and that is the reason restaurants like Xander café introduce different deals and discounts during this month. These deals will remain available from Iftar till Sehri for 30 days of Ramadan. You can check these deals and can avail of special discounts from your favorite gourmet restaurant of Karachi. For more details, you can read the below-given paragraphs.

Xander Ramadan Deals

During the month of Ramadan, when every restaurant strives to increase their sales, there are some restaurants that offer special discounts too. The Xander café is one of those as they are offering special discounts during Sehri and Iftar timings. People who love to eat the best food can visit this place to try their yummiest dishes.

Xander Iftar Deals:

You can now invite your friends and family to Xander Café for an Iftar party as the dine-in is open after the pandemic. People who love to visit this place for Iftar with their loved ones can avail special discount by ordering any of Xander Iftar Deals. Some of the best deals for Iftar are as follows.

Xander Ramadan Deals

Sehri Deals:

This café also focuses on Sehri too, as there are many people who want to visit restaurants for Sehri. You can check their Sehri deals to avail of discounts on your regular orders. Apart from this, they are offering a flat 15% on their complete menu. People who don’t want to avail of deals can get 15% discount from this restaurant. This is a limited-time offer and will only be available during the blessing month.

Rosati Bistro Ramadan Deals

You can check Xander Ramadan Deals and can avail by visiting this eatery for Sehri and iftar. There are many other restaurants near this place that are offering special Ramadan deals. You can check those cafes and restaurants by scrolling down.

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