So guys here we have Xiwang Restaurant Lahore Iqbal Town Menu. The tradition of premium Chinese food steps ahead towards Exotic Pakistani, Continental, BBQ, and Fast food. When a Chinese restaurant, Thai restaurant, Burger restaurant mixes up it makes Xiwang Restaurant. Serving from 1989 the best quality food of all cuisines under a roof. Apart from Chinese cuisine, they offer some other dishes. The best food with the best presentation makes the best combo. So try their food with your family or friends, give them treat in a very reasonable range. Xiwang Restaurant also provides a special kind of discounts to its customers. Scroll down and check the menu price of this restaurant and much other information from here.

Xiwang Restaurant Lahore Iqbal Town Menu

As Lahore is famous for the food, that’s why this city introduces many restaurants. The restaurant is the place where you can find the best Chinese food as well as Thai food. They have a special kind of chefs who cooks great. So, visit this place with your friends and family for Chinese food and many other cuisines.

Xiwang Restaurant Lahore Menu:

You can check Xiwang Restaurant Lahore Menu prices from here or from their FaceBook page. You can also compare their prices with other restaurants in the town. Here we have shared the details of their menu along with the pictures. So, click any of the below images and have a look at their complete offerings. Check Xiwang Restaurant Lahore Iqbal Town Menu.

Xiwang Restaurant Lahore Menu 1 Xiwang Restaurant Lahore Menu 2

Xiwang Restaurant Lahore Buffet Rates:

We have shared here Xiwang Restaurant Lahore Buffet Rates. Xiwang Restaurant offering delightful Buffet Lunch cum Hi-Tea & Buffet Dinner at a very reasonable price. The prices are shared below, scroll down, and then make sure to visit this place.

Xiwang Restaurant Lahore Buffet Rates

Xiwang Restaurant Specialty:

Now you can check Xiwang Restaurant Specialty from here. Check what their hot selling meal is and then order that meal. This restaurant offers delightful Seasonal Sea Food. Enjoy Fried Prawns & Special Finger Fish n Chips with a New menu.

Xiwang Restaurant Specialty 1 Xiwang Restaurant Specialty 2

Xiwang Restaurant Lahore Phone Number:

Check out the Xiwang Restaurant Lahore Phone Number. Call them and then ask for the complete information.

0346 4667205



The complete address is given here, go there and enjoy the cool weather there.

Hunza Block Main Boulevard Allama Iqbal Town Lahore. 


Taipei Chinese Restaurant Lahore Menu

Here is the complete about Xiwang Restaurant Lahore Iqbal Town Menu prices then do comment on this website. We will answer your questions as soon as possible. For more restaurants, please visit our main page.

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