A Desi Cuisine Buffet Restaurant, with over 20 years of experience in the preparation of Pakistani food. We have provided here Ziafat Restaurant Lahore Menu prices for your guys. You can ensure exquisite quality, service, and ambiance. Your favorite restaurant, in line with the best taste. This restaurant rigorously implemented all the hygienic rules for the customers. You will see the protected and mesmerize you with your favorite cuisine. This restaurant welcomes you to the best ambiance place with good tasted food. Make sure to visit this place and then enjoy spending time here. Check the details of this place from the below side.

Ziafat Restaurant Lahore Menu

Ziafat is a place where you can relaxingly enjoy your food, in an exquisite ambiance with ultimate protection. Be enthusiastic and rush to the restaurants with your loved ones & enjoy the best cuisine in a fantastic environment. They have a note for the easiness of their customers that a Prior reservation is highly recommended to avoid waiting.

Ziafat Restaurant Menu Prices:

Celebrate the ambiance with mouth-watering specially crafted dishes. This place has introducing now for taste lovers the product of every season. Energize yourself and indulge in the juicy flavor of the tasty food items. From here you have the best of health and taste in your lunch list and come over or order online and get addicted to the new additional food.

Ziafat Restaurant Menu

Ziafat Restaurant Lunch Cum Hi-Tea:

On the lunch menu, you will surely have a delicious experience. Come to Ziafat, on weekdays, and enjoy a 10% special discount. And that’s not just all you can pay with your credit card and with just 5 % sales tax. With your card payment, just pay 5% of sales tax added to your bill instead of 16 %. And the price of the Lunch cum hi-tea is just approximately 1190/- per head.

Ziafat Restaurant Lunch

Ziafat Restaurant Dinner Buffet:

So what you are waiting for? Rush to Ziafat today and then enjoy the dinner buffet with your favorite person. In the buffet, you will get a lot of dishes just in RS 1700/- per head.

Ziafat Restaurant Dinner

Ziafat Restaurant Car Dine-In:

As in the pandemic days, there is strictness to not do dine in the restaurants. So they have introduced the car dine-in for the safety of the customers. Now if you want to enjoy the food in the time of Corona then you can just do car dine-in.

Ziafat Restaurant Car dinein

Ziafat Restaurant Deals:

You can avail of the discounts of this place. Come to Ziafat, on weekdays, and enjoy a 10% special discount. Enjoy the food on the weekdays instead of the weekends.

Ziafat Restaurant Deals

Ziafat Restaurant Sunday Breakfast:

Now you can try desi breakfast from this place. On Sunday morning you can just visit this place and then enjoy a heavy breakfast for the cravings.

Ziafat Restaurant Sunday Breakfast

Ziafat Restaurant Events:

As this restaurant has a huge dining area so you can just try to celebrate special occasions here. You can also celebrate the birthdays here and the other family feasts are also arranged here.

Ziafat Restaurant Events

Ziafat Restaurant Seasonal Cuisine:

Winters are not winters until you celebrate every day with exotic seasonal cuisine. And same as for summers. That’s why the restaurant is now introducing winter specials and summer special cuisines.

Ziafat Restaurant Seasonal

Ziafat Restaurant Specialty:

By keeping the perfect level of sweetness intact, level up spices, the right amount of oil, and the other necessities that combine all make the food special. You can enjoy the food in a chilled environment and the long talks with your friends and your partner.

Ziafat Restaurant Specialty

Ziafat Restaurant Photos:

From flowers to the cushions, your favorite music to your desirous food, the lighting, and the best service you all get these things only on Ziafat.

Ziafat Restaurant Photos

Contact Number:

Call on the given numbers and then confirm the booking of your events.

0345 6789105


The address is shared here and then enjoy spending time here.

26-H College Rd, Block H Gulberg 2, Lahore, Punjab


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All the best possible information regarding the Ziafat Restaurant Lahore Menu prices location address and the contact number is provided here. Now for you, we have also shared the details of the Ramadan deals of this Ziafat restaurant.

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