As we all know that here is the best day in Pakistan at your doorstep. On the day of freedom, many of the restaurants just offer Azaadi deals or freedom deals for the customers. If you have no idea about the 14 August Deals in Karachi, we are here to tell you the complete list of the restaurant offering such kinds of deals. Different sales are also offered because on this day everyone just wants to celebrate the day diligently. The food chain is a business that just requires an event to offer deals to the customers. They make sure that the customers just become happy with the taste and the ambiance. So just check the list of restaurants from here.

14 August Deals in Karachi

On 14 August there is a national holiday which is only for the patriation of Pakistan. Only the people who love Pakistan will definitely celebrate the day with their hearts. You can also celebrate the day by giving a treat to your friends or even family members. Now don’t forget to visit the restaurants that are given below because they have pocket-friendly Independence deals.

2022 Independence Day Deals:

A complete list of restaurants is just uploaded here that have pocket-friendly deals on a national day. Must visit these places because they know how to impress the customers. Different kinds of deals are just offered and then you can enjoy on the day of independence.

  1. Burger O Clock
  2. Pizza Point
  3. McDonald’s
  4. Pizza Hut
  5. Broadway Pizza
  6. Hardee’s
  7. Karachi Broast
  8. Lal Qila Karachi

Burger O Clock:

Now you can just celebrate the day with Burger O Clock. On Independence Day they offer Gigantic deals to the customers. Now you will get Get any 1 gigantic burger with a drink at Rs.499/- only. These deals are valid on dine-in, takeaway & delivery. And just valid till 16th August.


Burger O clock

Pizza Point:

From here you can celebrate 14th August with Pizza Point Deals. Here is presenting deal 1, in which you will get 1 Large Pizza, 2 Regular Pizzas, 1 Salad, and 4 Pieces of Garlic Bread for Rs. 1777 only. And the other deal is 2 Large Pizzas, 1 Salad, and 4 Pieces of Garlic Bread for Rs. 2222 only.

pizza point pizza point deals


Now McDonald’s is just offering the deals on the day of 14 August. Food Panda is now loving it. Grab this Azaadi deal from McDonald’s only on food panda. Get a McChicken, 1 Regular Fries, and 1 Reg Drink JUST for Rs.295. See the details from here.

McDonalds Deal

Pizza Hut:

A freedom deal is just offered at Pizza Hut. Now you will get many of the food items at a very lower rate. On Independence Day with this restaurant, you will definitely enjoy the taste of the food at a very lower rate. You can just Visit or Call them to enjoy this exclusive offer along with the best Burgers & Pizzas in Karachi.

pizza hut

Broadway Pizza:

Don’t miss out on Broadway’s performance this independence day with the pizza dependence deal. Be freed from the full price of 2 pizzas. Get two 13” Large Pizzas with two Broadway Sauces for just Rs. 1699 and two 10” Medium Pizzas with two Broadway Sauces for just Rs. 1299. These Deals are just Valid for 14 August.

broadway pizza deal Broadway pizza


Let’s make the celebrations of this year’s Independence Day a little more scrumptious. Just Grab and savor our special offer featuring 1 Chicken Fillet Sandwich, 1 Grilled Chicken Sandwich with 2 Regular Drinks Unlimited refills in just Rs. 699 now.


Karachi Broast:

Freedom is here on your mobile phones. You can just enjoy a Flat 25% Off on online orders. Customers also rate out the BBQ, Sandwiches & Burgers among the best in Karachi. So, come over to the outlets or call them to serve your tender juicy perfection. When your appetite can’t decide whether it’s in the mood for something crispy or cheesy, why not make the choice easy? Just order the food online from here to enjoy discounts.

vKarachi broast

Lal Qila Karachi:

Here we will tell you that LalQila has some amazing offers for their customers. Freedom deals are now available for customers. The details are just available at this place. You can also visit Lal Qila Karachi if you want to know the whole menu card rates.

lal qila

5 Best Food Delivery Apps in Pakistan

Now you can see the details about the 14 August Deals in Karachi. All the restaurants are just offering such kinds of deals are mentioned at this place. If you want to know some other restaurant deals details then you can ask in the comment section. We will surely answer your queries as soon as possible.

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