Do you know about World Cup Food Deals In Karachi? If not then you definitely want to know that Karachi restaurants offer ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. So, in case you are a cricket lover then assist the Pakistan team and win meals for your appetite. So, what are you expecting? Just pick up your mobile smartphone after which order your favorite food at the same time. Many restaurants provide offers that are legitimate till you order online or visit this place. So, whilst the Pakistan crew will win you can surely get treats for your friends at the same time as ordering the meals. A list of the restaurants is just shared here.

World Cup Food Deals In Karachi

There may be no situation of winning the Pakistani cricket team. You can just visit any of these places and then order the food in keeping with your desire. See the details of the deals and other records below side.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023:

The 2023 ICC Men’s World Cup is the 13th ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup tournament for cricket champions. It is being played in India by many teams from around the world. But first of all, you need to see which restaurant is going to have the best deals for the customers. On the below side, we are going to share the restaurants including those who are not only sharing their deals but also offering live matches.

Cricket World Cup Deals in Karachi:

On the below side, we are going to share cricket world cup deals in Karachi that you can enjoy by visiting these restaurants. Some of these restaurants are also offering home delivery service too. So, whether you are interested in visiting these restaurants or want to order online, you can avail of these deals.

KFC Cricket Deals:

KFC Pakistan is also offering special World cup deals during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. They have announced these discounted offers so maximum persons can avail of these offers. So, check the deals and enjoy best meal while watching cricket matches.

KFC World Cup Deals

Broadway Pizza Cricket Deal:

Broadway Pakistan is offering special pizza deals during World Cup 2023. So, if you are interested in World Cup deals and want to eat pizza with family or friends then, you can order from here. Some of the best deals are as follows.

Broadway World cup Deals

Pizza Max Cricket Deal:

Pizza Max is also offering special offers during this men’s cricket world cup. So, if you love to eat at Pizza Max then, you can visit Pizza Max as they are offering live matches on some of their branches. Before visiting, you can contact your nearest Pizza Max branch.

Pizza Max World Cup Deal

McDonald’s Cricket Deals:

In the race for the best deals, McDonald’s is also not staying behind. They have introduced special family deals for the World cup so that you can enjoy the best meal while sitting with family and watching matches. Here is the details of the McDonald’s Cricket deal.

McDonald's World Cup Deal

Hashfood Karachi:

World cup dinner party or feast. Now you can enjoy the deal’s dinner party and exciting World Cup match all collectively. The restaurant is just available on the most effective weekends. They are also accepting online payments. The deal is only available to the people of Karachi.


Keybees Cricket Deals:

Don’t miss out on the exclusive World Cup deals and keep supporting team Pakistan. They have the best deals for the customers. So why not visit this place and then have the food of your own choice? They are offering different deals that you can choose according to the number of people.

Kaybees Cricket Deals

Cafe Bogie Cricket World Cup Deal:

Cafe Bogie is also offering different deals and discounts during this cricket World Cup season. So, don’t forget to visit this place to enjoy best cricket deals in Karachi. For more details, you can visit this restaurant or can call on their numbers.

Cafe Bogie Cricket Deals


Karachi Foods:

World Cup Special Deals is just here.  Now you can Enjoy the World Cup with the sharing deals to double the fun. A treat for cricket fans. So just bring your loved ones to this place and then have tasty food at lower rates.

Karachi Foods Cricket Deals


Baken Plate:

Are you guys excited to have the bountiful deals in Karachi? 20% Off on the Entire Menu Until ICC Men’s World Cup. The deals are just having a few food items. But the restaurant has a complete discount on the menu card.

baken plate

Krispy 2 Go:

World Cup Feasts are just waiting for all of you guys. Now you can enjoy 2 Delux Burgers with 2 Drinks at Rs.880 Only. They will also deliver the food to your doorstep.

krispy 2 go

Khana Pena:

Khana Pena is offering a Men’s Cricket World Cup Deal. Now you can just visit this place and then have the best fast food at lower rates. They have the blessing food items that no other place has in Karachi.

Foodpanda T20 Deals

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Here we have mentioned all the best possible details of World Cup Food Deals In Karachi. At this place, you will find many restaurants which have many deals for the customers. Comment to us about your favorite place to eat in Karachi.

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