All those who are interested in the best meals can visit Asli Punjab Tikka Noor Pura. This is not just an eating place but a meals cart this is being operated using a girl and his father. She is a girl who is determined to assist her father. In the start, she started making BBQ items, became a web sensation, and have become popular as human beings started out supporting their father. You may also assist this family by journeying this place and buying homemade meals. Foodies can also visit this place and then have the best BBQ items. The complete menu card is just shared here for you guys.

Asli Punjab Tikka Noor Pura

Have you ever heard about the famous BBQ girl? Yes, Asli Punjab Tikka is also owned by this girl and her father. She goes to her college in the morning and then helps her father at night while making bbq with him. She also has many other items on the menu card. Further details are provided on the below side.

Asli Punjab Tikka Menu Card:

When it comes to the food then they have fried chicken pieces, BBQ items as well many other food items. So visit this place and then have the complete details. The rates are also very low so you can just take your partner with you.

Asli Punjab Tikka Images:

As you can see in the images that this place has cleanliness as its priority. So why not just visit this place and have fun with your loved ones?

Asli punjab tikka

Asli Punjab Tikka Contact Number:

The number is shared here for those who want to know whether the place is just opened or not.

0300 7674505

Asli Punjab Tikka Address:

The food shop is located in Noor Pura, but the complete address is mentioned here.

505 Street 5, Jinnah Colony, Faisalabad, Punjab

Asli Punjab Tikka Location:

For the link to the address must see the below-given link.

Best Biryani In Faisalabad

All the details of Asli Punjab Tikka Noor Pura’s menu card number and address are just shared here for you guys. So if you want some other details and want to help her then can contact on the numbers. The comment section is open to all the reviews of the food and the location.

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