With close to 2 decades of service in the UAE, the restaurants have won the hearts of many locals and tourists. From here you will get Bait Al Mandi Karachi Menu information from here. All those who enjoy traditional Arabic cuisine, especially Mandi will definitely visit this place again and again. Bait Al Mandi is a dish that is popular in the Arabian area. It is made from a combo of rice and meat. The meat could be lamb or chicken. The method to cook this dish is to pit it underground, with a mixture of Arabic spices. So you can get the details from here. See the images of the menu and then decide what to eat from here.

Bait Al Mandi Karachi Menu

This restaurant understands the balance between the value and quality of the food. They are consistent in the quality of the ingredients never compromises the health of the customers.  The way they serve the food is really unique. You can say that they just take their guests on a culinary journey to authentic Arabic cuisine.

Bait Al Mandi Menu Prices:

As the vision of this restaurant is to become the world’s best most authentic Arabic food chain. That’s why they are dealing with the best taste and quality. They just prepare the food with love and treat customers like family, giving them the most authentic Arabic cuisine.

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Bait Al Mandi Deals:

Need a reason for visiting Bait Al Mandi? Then here is the best reason to visit this place. You can avail yourself of the corporate lunch deals that are as good a reason as any other. When you need to visit this place with your corporate friends then you can order their deals.

Bait Al Mandi Deals

Bait Al Mandi Specialty:

We all know that Good Food is wise medicine. So you can try their Mutton Madfoon that is tenderly cooked and steamed mutton wrapped in banana leaves with a special blend of spices. Can also taste their grilled Chicken marinated in a special blend of Arabic spice.

Bait Al Mandi specialty

Bait Al Mandi Kids Corner:

Now mostly kids are choosy kind of nature. So according to the taste, they have the kid’s corner. take your kids with yourself and then make their day special.

Bait Al Mandi Kids Corner

Bait Al Mandi Restaurant Photos:

See the images of this beautiful place. They have a vast dining area for the customers. So make sure to visit this place, when you have to visit a best place for a dining experience.

Baitul mandi photos

Contact Number:

Call on the given numbers and then enjoy the timing here with your friends.

(021) 34555555


The address is provided here for you. To save your time we have also shared here the location of this place.

Plot no 2 Near Habit Tipu Sultan Main Shahrah-e-Faisal Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan-75800


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Make sure to check about Bait Al Mandi Karachi Menu prices and other main things before visiting this place. Now you can also share your reviews here in the comment section.

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